While Bunpro updated their summary page nicely, WaniKani still didn't return it

Just something I wanted to point out. Bunpro’s new summary page is nice, sleek and clean. And Wanikani’s summary page is non existant. Bunpro knows that people like the summary page, so they made it more beautiful. Wanikani on the other hand removed theirs.

It’s been months people, it’s not funny anymore. Give it back please.


There are already many threads on this very topic. I am not sure how spamming the same thing in multiple threads is going to do any good.


You decided to read this post. If posts about the summary page annoy you, there’s no need to open them or spend your time on them.


If someone posts something on a public forum they are implicitly acknowledging the fact that other people can and often will comment on whatever they are posting. They are (or should) also be aware that not all people posting will agree with their opinion, and some people might not even see a reason for the initial post to exist in the first place, if it is a discussion already covered elsewhere.

You are correct, I did decide to open and read the initial post, and I also decided to comment about it, since it is a public forum. Not sure about what your point is, are you suggesting only people agreeing with a post should reply to it? It would make be a very boring and frankly pointless forum, if that was the case.

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They’re working on a new summary page. Chill.


I have gotten word through the crabigraph that the WK team is currently on a top secret mission trying to find the holy grail. They said it was important for the summary page. I don’t see how but I won’t question their methods. Especially after Koichi went on an espionage mission in Equatorial Wani to gather intel about why you haven’t been doing your reviews.

That’s your brief for this thread, remember: the code is “DURT”. Wan out.


If you don’t speak about it it will not change…


I honestly doubt that by creating endless posts about the same thing there is even the slimmest chance that the desired change will be implemented sooner (or at all). I don’t think wanikani’s team saw the new post and said: let’s hire new people or work overtime, they just created another post about the same thing!!

Anyway as a fellow user what baffles me is the sense of entitlement. The idea that by paying a subscription one automatically gets the right to dictate what the service providers do or do not do. we can of course complain if we don’t like something, but we are not owed anything. All we can do if we really don’t like something is to stop paying if we are not on lifetime, or just stop using the service if we are. We can of course come here and write 200 posts saying the same thing, but I doubt this will have any effect whatsoever.

They can give their feedback (and did). I can give my feedback about their feedback (and did).

I don’t think I ‘scolded’ anyone, and if I did it certainly wasn’t my intention. I just said that I don’t think it was particularly productive or useful to post the same thing in multiple threads. This is by the way a very common netiquette principle, in many forums it is explicitly forbidden, and even where it is not, it is still frowned upon. I expressed this in what I think was an extremely civilised manner. If i failed in that intent, I apologise about that, but the point stands: it is rude to open multiple threads on the same topic. And it does nothing to benefit the cause, in fact it can antagonise the service providers and other users.

And you’re saying this in good faith?


While I agree with you on this, I do also agree with @Walter-it that it seems a bit pointless to have a thousand threads about the same topic. Surely, one thread about the summary page would be enough to voice the dissatisfaction?

I even semi-agree that, at this point, people who are unhappy with WK should just move on. It’s what I did weeks ago. I guess if people still believe that WK will listen to its users at some point, they might as well try, but I’ve long given up that hope.

The sad thing is that the forums (or at least part of it) have become very toxic and it’s always the same heated arguments being exchanged. Some may blame “entitled users”, I personally blame WK for not communicating transparently and in good faith and instead engaging in corporate double-speak.


That’s fair.

It seems not though as the WK team hasn’t stopped shooting themselves in the feet yet. They’ve got to run out of feet eventually though.

That’s also fair. I’m mostly still here because of the book clubs and reading challenges. I like popping my head into these threads to see if people share any new feedback.

I’m very inclined to agree with you, but I’m holding out some small hope that the team drop the double-speak or make good on the premise that WK is now for learning how to read. I can’t imagine wanting to put oneself out of a job unless there’s some even bigger problem behind the scenes, but time will tell.

I think it’s still contained to the feedback and WK sections. Book clubs and other other threads are still business as usual as far as I see.

Much agreed.


Of course. I didn’t particularly care about the summary page or lack thereof, but I was sympathetic about its reintroduction. I even remember commenting in favour of it to someone who was actively against it ( It has been 19 days. When will we get the summary page back? - #82 by Walter-it ).

After all the ‘angry entitled mob’ attitude and the countless threads carbon copies of each other I am definitely shifting my views towards a ‘you know what, I now hope it never gets reintroduced’.


I hope you follow your own advice in full. Have a good one.


Seems like WaniKani Community is turning into Twitter. Yech.


Where are the threads about Bunpro’s new summary page?


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