Which 3rd party apps allow you to continue studying burned items?

I’m pretty sure I’m going to want to continue reviewing burned items.

I know that KaniWani allows you to continue scheduling reviews for burned items. That covers kanji production.

However I’ve checked the settings of the other apps I use (for reading production), and I can’t find a similar setting for them:

  • Smouldering Durtles
  • Tsurukame
  • KameSame

Have I missed a setting somewhere? If not, any ideas for how I could continue to review these items?


That’s strange because Tsurukame automatically updated earlier this year for me, and without changing any settings, it now has a “Review burned items” section at the bottom of the homepage on iOS.

Im sorry I can’t direct you to the setting personally but all this to say, it does exist on Tsurukame!


Just to add that you can « unburn » items. Something that I will think I will do after level 60 for the kanjis, in the hope to catch on those I consistently struggle with.

That being said I notice that some of the kanjis I thought I would always struggle on, are getting assimilated after a while especially when they come up often in the wild.

So I may not bother in the end and just keep reading, we’ll see!


Thanks for the tip, I will check this! I probably won’t see it yet because I don’t have any burned items yet, but I will soon.

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Good to know - do you do this within the WaniKani UI?

You’re level five, stop looking backwards and keep pushing. Trust the process. You’ll “review” the burned stuff while reading. If there are a couple of kanji or words that still end up giving you trouble you can always unburn them later on a case by case basis.

I often see people in these forums suffering from burn-phobia, I get why but it’s like the fear of flying in airplanes: at some point you have to take a deep breath and fasten your seatbelt if you want to reach your destination. Or you can go by bus and waste a ton of time.


On the item page, at the very bottom of the page there is a “Resurrect” button. It is easy to miss because it is small. Clicking it unburns the item. and sends it to Apprentice 1.


Have you looked at the Self Study Quiz user script?

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I appreciate the perspective.

You could be right, I may never need to use the unburn feature in the end, and to be honest that would be the ideal scenario, because who wants to be doing reviews forever? At some point you want to stop learning the kanji and transition to using the kanji naturally through reading and writing.

But it’s good to have the option there if I want to use it.

I guess I’ll let the burns go ahead to begin with and see how I get on.

I will check that out, thanks!

Buses tend to sink when you try to cross water.

This is what unburning items on wanikani looks like.

No I won’t elaborate.

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But that actually looks fun!

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That’s what they all say until the hippos start attacking…