Where to learn JLPT Vocabulary

I’m lookin for a place to learn JLPT vocabulary. I already tried Anki but it’s no good when it comes to learnig new words. So if you have any suggestions please tell me.


You might find some of the answers in this thread helpful:

I can’t contribute anything helpful myself, cos I’m currently just learning vocab through classes and osmosis…

I haven’t started learning for JLPT, but you can try Memrise. They have vocab courses for each JLPT level.

You can try HouHou and seeing a recommended vocab list. Also, there is no official list for JLPT vocabulary. HouHou and Jishou have jlpt levels next to them, but take those with a grain of salt.

Memrise is currently my preferred method. You can do it in a browser, or their app- which is my preferred method- is really nice and user friendly.

Rather than saying “Anki is no good” it’s significantly more helpful to say why you think it’s no good. Because otherwise, Memrise, Houhou, this site, it’s not that much different.

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