Where should I be with Genki?


I noticed on new vocabulary (on lesson 13/14 right now) that the sentences can get really complicated. On which lection in Genki should I be right now? I took japanese classes in university, we got up to lection 16, but sometimes I feel I am around lection 8 (its the level I can use in spoken japanese).
Should I relax with wanikani a bit and focus more on grammar in genki, because I can then understand the example sentences better?

I wouldn’t be too concerned about not understanding the example sentences. They can be pretty hard. That said, don’t neglect your grammar studies, WK won’t help you much with actually understanding the language.


Relax and go at the pace that feels right for you. I’m still not even finished with Genki I yet, and I have no real issues with WK. (Though I can’t read the example sentences perfectly most of the time.)

I didn’t even try to read the example sentences until about level 20, I think. Maybe that wasn’t a very smart move, but they were too difficult for me to understand at the time anyway.

After that, I would do my best to read them, but I would still ignore any unknown words/kanji/grammar. That’s what I do nowadays as well, unless I’m particularly curious enough to look something up.

But don’t worry, even if you just read the English translation you can most times have an idea of how the vocab word is being used in that particular sentence, which is plenty. You’ll understand the actual Japanese sentences better soon if you keep studying.

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