When should I start to learn grammar and language rules?

I have the second edition of Genki with the answers and also the workbook, but i’m not sure when should i star using it, because i was using it at the same time as wanikani, but i realized that most of the vocabulary at the beginning of the book that i didn’t know back then was the vocabulary i was going to learn on the next level of wanikani (lvl 5) so i decided to focus more on wanikani and set aside Genki. The thing is that now i dont know when i should start with Genki, any tips?

At once preferably

Wanikani only makes it less painfull, but working on grammar is definitely a high priority, an WK is really only a supplemental tool on the journey to comprehension.


Without grammar, you can’t begin to use the language, so if you want to make progress, the answer is always: ASAP. ^^

If it’s too frustrating, or if you’re very busy and feel burn-out coming on: slow down again, or pause / reduce one of the aspects of your studies.

It took me a few stops and starts over several months before I worked out a study routine I could maintain, so don’t fret if it doesn’t all come together at once. But I would recommend starting grammar at once, and see how it works out. Just remember to be flexible and cut yourself slack if ever you need to.

Best of luck! :mechanical_arm:


Definitely sooner rather than later. I neglected grammar until recently and it’s massively held me back. I actually completed my last bit of N5 grammar this weekend and I’d argue just knowing that amount of grammar has made the biggest difference to my comprehension of Japanese.

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Additionally (this is just a personal opinion)

Get to reading as early as possible, it will be slow in the start, but you learn so much from it.
It reinforces all the grammar you learn and it supplements additional vocabulary.
I have found a lot of common words in reading that i havent seen on WK yet (if theyre even here)


thanks for your help! I will definitely start withthe grammas as soon as possible now

Yeah, i have a very bussy schedule so it will take me some time to come up with a good study routine, but i wont give up, thanks for your help!

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I will try my best to do so, i have a really really bussy schedule but i think i cam fit reading there somehow, i really appreciate your help!

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