Where is the narwhal?

Sorry to make this useless post, but it’s driving me crazy. Like a scratch I can’t itch.

For the Narwhal radical, can anyone help me understand the narwhal part? I can’t see it at all, and I understand these are usually a stretch.
It’s driving me crazy.

Thank you!


It’s from this article: Learn Katakana: The Ultimate Guide


You are amazing, thank you.

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I’m gonna be honest I didn’t even know what a narwhal looked like until this picture, I simply memorized the radical lmao


:notes:Narwhals narwhals swimming in the ocean :notes:

… I’m sorry

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The craziest thing is that its “horn” is actually a tusk and it comes out of one side of their mouth!


While I can see the narwhal (and I know it is), I don’t know it can be this cute.

Anyway, to be fair, WaniKani should just link to that article.

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They should use their own pictures on the site.

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I already knew Katakana coming into WK, so I always just remembered the narwhal radical more for the fact that its name starts with “na”, the sound of the Katakana character it visually resembles.

Incidentally I think I was taught the Katakana ナ with the narwhal mnemonic, so I guess whether you’re learning the symbol as a kana or as a radical, you will learn what this animal looks like, lmao.

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