What is a Narwhal?


I needed google to find out what a Narwhal was! Is it just me or is a Narwhal an obscure animal to use for a simple radical?? I’m waiting for a Quoll radical to pop up next. Anyway, I will now never forget the radical so mission accomplished.

I like WaniKani as I get to learn English also!


A narwhal is the opposite of an obscure animal, at least in internet culture.
Just google narwhal memes :stuck_out_tongue:



Thank you for leading me to this fine comic.


This is ancient memes boy


It’s kinda like a cat but instead of being a feline it’s from the delphinidae family, and instead of whiskers, it has a horn.


I’m so sad I was too slow to post this.


If you’re a non-native English speaker, then I can appreciate that.

But if you’re a native English speaker… I would think you’d have heard of a narwhal before.


WaniKani: teaching Japanese, English, and marine biology. It’s a win-win-win.


I’m 40, from Australia. I’m not into anime, and obviously not up with internet culture. Seriously, I had never heard of a Narwhal before tonight! C’mon, surely I’m not the only one in WaniKani land that has never heard of a Narwhal. They are only in Canada, Russia etc aren’t they? . Who knows what a Quoll is?


I think often the oddity of it is what makes it stick! Cause it makes us go WHAT?!!! O_o


ask Redditors



Narwhals are unicorns of the sea. Here’s a nifty narwhal tracker from WWF.
Also, I’m just here to submit my gif.

Edit: Man, I scrolled up and saw that @TomatoSalad beat me to that whole unicorn of the sea bit.
To make up for this, here are some narwhal facts:

  1. The narwhal’s tusk is actually a tooth
  2. That tooth can grow ten feet long
  3. An ounce of narwhal skin have the same amount of vitamin C as an orange
  4. There are no known narwhals held in captivity


They’re pretty well-known animals in Germany as well. In particular there is a famous story that when their horns washed up on the shore in medieval times, they were often mistaken for a unicorn’s.

Didn’t know what an uni was before Wanikani though. (We call these things Sea-Hedgehogs)


My childhood A-B-C book included “N is for Narwhal”

Also, I have a friend who has a plushie narwhal on the dashboard of his truck, given him by one of his husbands.

…I mean, it works for them…


I’m from New England. We don’t have narwhals, but I knew what a narwhal was before anything related to internet culture.


Lies. Internet culture taught you and you know it.


I am not a native english speaker, but I knew about Narwhals before seeing them on the internet.
But I had never seen a Quoll before, anywhere >.>


looks around suspiciously before setting the website to be open as soon as I open my computer




haha, as a non-native speaker I can feel you. I’ve learned some good phrases and vocabs throught wani, especially some slangs and words (who knows what a pelican, narwhal is xD)


Oh, hi Leebo, did you just reset to level 08? IIRC you are at level 60 already.