My announcement about the radical ナ

I’ve never, ever, ever been able to remember that this is a “narwhal”. For whatever reason. (Mostly that creature is just not in my consciousness in any way. Must’ve not been one in a past life yet.)

Anyway, just want to announce that I’ve decided that ナ is actually “hug” because it looks like someone coming in for a hug. That’s personal view, not trying to force it on anyone. (and also “hugging someone on a stool” is a good representation of 友 friend)

I’ve made my decision. That is all. Have a good day.


I just remember it as being the katakana ナ. Though, that’s mostly why “narwhal” is used as the mnemonic.


That definitely helped me remember the radical itself, but the words “katakana” and “narwhal” have always been too broad, unrelatable, or unmemorable to help me with the visual story-making role of remembering the meanings of the kanji where it’s used.


I looked up what Narwhal was, then it stuck. It also helped in the sense that I didn’t have to come up with alternate mnemonics.

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I have now changed my perception of this radical and friend. I could never remember friend but now I do. I am no longer without ‘friend’.


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