Where does it peak?

Hi all!

So I’ve just got past level 10, and have seen graphs that seem to suggest that the workload peaks around level 20, and I’m already finding it consuming a fair bit of my time… can I expect my workload to double? If so I may have to slow down a bit!

How did you all find the difference in workload between levels 10 and 20? Do you remember where it peaked for you?

That’ll depend on how fast you progress through the levels, the workload will peak when you start burning items (assuming that you maintain your daily amount of new lessons reasonably consistent).

If you go “full speed” at one level/week that’ll be somewhere around level 25. If you don’t go that fast it’ll be before that.

That won’t double your workload however, it should add about 15% to your number of reviews but of course that’s assuming that you have 100% accuracy, in practice you can probably expect something like 20% more reviews or somewhere within that ballpark.


That’s good to know - not burned any yet but been going at a decent rate (maybe not flat out but started end of July this year, so 〜3.5 months for 11 levels), I think the graphs gave me the impression (or maybe fear lol!) that the workload would double. Think I can handle another 15% but we’ll see - thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah don’t overthink it, if at any point it feels overwhelming just stop doing more lessons and focus on the reviews and the load should drop significantly within a week or so as your apprentice items go away.


for me it was after lvl 21

workload got bigger and many kanji similar started appearing.

But actually not long after that I started doing immersion because there is a point in your studies you need to reinforce and fix in your mind what you studied, if you only do lessons and not practice you will forget easily or have difficulties in later levels with very very similar kanji.


only if you’re doing some sort of set number of lessons per day + keep some kind of predifined number of items in apprentice, that’s a more or less accurate description.

If you’re going fast, that means an ever increasing number of reviews so you’ll have peak workload around lv 50-60. People can end up with 300-400+ reviews per day then. Some even more. Others less. It really depends.

But, I think it’s fair to say that you kind of plateau for a while during some stages of WK. Then you can find yourself again increasing in work burden, for example due to more failed items from burn-reviews. It takes some tweaking during different stages to find a good balance that suits yourself. So, be a bit more flexible about things like lessons numbers and apprentice numbers is my suggestion - so you keep feeling like you have time for other things than doing WK. :slight_smile:

Good luck!


I don’t remember personally, but the further you go, the more difficult it is to manage the flow of reviews in my experience. Especially when the burn reviews start coming in. You need to stay flexible, but also consistent. Sometimes do less if it means being consistent than “I could do a little more”. If you suddenly notice an uptick in reviews, slow down with new lessons until you get back on track. Stuff like that.

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I definitely noticed it was a higher workload in the 20s. I finally figured out that the pace that works for me is to have ~100 items at apprentice and ~300 at guru. It’s not a very fast pace, I’ll admit, but it’s what I have time and brain power for right now.

Since I limit how many items I have at apprentice and guru, I would say that it hasn’t “peaked” I’ve just kept it at a pace that I can manage.