No radicals in reviews

I am learning level 3 radicals now. But i can’t make them guru level. WK just keeps asking me level 2 vocabs in the reviews. What should i do now?

When was the last time you reviewed your level 3 radicals? It takes some time before they appear in the last review.
If this stresses you too much, you can install this :
it will show you exactly when your radicals will next appear. Don’t forget to check out the WK FAQ :

Level 1 and 2 are faster, starting from level 3 you have to wait 2 days after apprentice 4.

Thank you for answers. It seems i am impatient, too. But it is strange. Because WK already taught me more than 10 kanjis of level 3. But my radicals are still apprentice, not guru.

It’ll teach you about half the level’s Kanji together with the radicals, and the other half once you guru’d the radicals.

That’s not strange.

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