When do I start Kanji?

Hey, I’m new to WK. I finished Hiragana with Tofugu about a week ago, I still practice it, so now I’m officially on WK. I just started learning Radicals, but when do I start learning Kanji? Do I learn them after I pass the Radical review? Or can I just jump ahead?

After you guru your first radicals which requires 4 correct reviews to get it to that status.


If only there was some sort of User Guide


Welcome to community i hope you enjoy your journey here.



Thanks! I figured thats how it works but I wasn’t sure :sweat_smile:


:sweat_smile: I forgot how to pull that up. Lol thanks.


I noticed that you’ve already paid a subscription. Why not wait until the end of Level 3?


This was basically a Christmas gift from my older brother. That’s why it’s already paid.


I hope you’ll stay with us :slight_smile: it really is an awesome learning ressource. Welcome !


Welcome to the club!
You found the community pages which is a great step towards becoming comfortable with WaniKani. The community will be able to help you with heaps of questions regarding sentences, grammar, culture and just general off-topic chewing the fat if you need to destress. It’s a fantastic resource whether you continue or not so please come hang out with us.

The first three levels will feel slow but keep an open mind and set up 2 times per day where you will do your reviews. There’s all kinds of guides and insights form our predecessors who have finished the whole course and developed strategies to get through it.

Daisuke Jigen linked you the User Guide
The unofficial guide may help you too. Unofficial FAQ

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(Sorry just saw this, you may want to fix this link not to have /2 at the end so that it points to the topic and not the first reply)

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Who knows?! I’m level 11 and I still don’t know a single Chinese letter!

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Welcome to WaniKani! It is nice to have an older brother, or anyone for that matter, give a nice WK subscription for Christmas.

Like @CvxFous, I hope you stay with us and see it through level 60! I think you can do it! All the best!


no worries.

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Well, we don’t teach Zhuyin/Bopomofo here:

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