Silly question regarding guides for Kanji

This is probably how WaniKani operates,but is it normal that I have not yet received guides on how to learn Kanji after finishing my Radicals review?The lessons for kanji are there,but no guides,it goes straight to quiz.It did say I have to wait a week before my review for Radicals is finished.

If you’re interested in an actual guide, I recommend you check out the FAQ and Guide for some info about how the site and learning method works if you haven’t already, but as far as how to learn the kanji you would use the meaning and reading mnemonics provided in the lessons to learn each item and then do the review quiz at the end of the lesson batch, which will then put the kanji into your review queue.

If you have any more questions after reading the FAQ and Guide, feel free to ask, we’re all happy to help ^^

Welcome to WK! :crabigator::sparkles:

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I’m not sure what’s happening here. You’re saying when you click on the Lessons button, it just goes straight to the quiz without any information about the meaning or reading?

Yes,I just finished the radicals and I am now a Guru with 26 radicals.It says I have 18 lessons,but there are no lessons in the Kanji section,however I can start the session regardless.

EDIT:Nevermind,I misread.FORGIVE ME!I am not able to start the QUIZ just yet :sweat_smile:

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