What's your sweet spot for number of items in each SRS bucket?

I’m still working my way through the free levels (I’ll probably end up getting a subscription after I finish level 3), and so far the pace feels good if I keep the Apprentice bucket at 50-60, and Guru around 250. However, I’m also not a complete beginner at Japanese, so I already know a reasonable chunk of what’s being presented (though I am learning some new stuff as I go, and improving recognition of things I only slightly knew). I want to make sure I don’t bury myself once I get to the point where it’s 90%+ new material for me. I have no specific completion date I’m targeting, just staying within the realistic limits of my schedule (married, employed full-time).

What kind of numbers do you folks shoot for in each of the high-level buckets?

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I made a userscript that uses this info and calculates the numbers of reviews you can expect on an average day with your current SRS distribution. I like to keep this number below 400 and preferably around 300

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The magic number you’ll hear a lot is 100 apprentice items, you can go to 120~ but then stop lessons, the rest is whatever, it’ll come when it comes you can’t control them (except by not doing anything, they won’t ever move)

Then it just depends on how much time you can put on WK, some people do like 5 lessons a day and thats fine, they might be hovering near 20-40 apprentice items

I have no max for anything higher than apprentice. That may change later, but it goes well for now. I’ve noticed that my guru is stable around 600, and master around 700. My enlightened is currently blowing up like crazy :')
My max apprentice number is around 150. I always do all my lessons at once, so there is a time when I have all my new lessons in apprentice 1/2, but still have a number of ‘old’ apprentice from earlier levels. As long as I don’t make any stupid mistakes like doing my reviews drunk or something else retarded, I feel like I should be fine.

I don’t know how much of it is me aiming for these numbers and how much is just me observing I have these numbers on average. I think it’s more the latter. And those numbers are: I try to have less than 200 apps (which isn’t always the case), around 700/700 of the next two, and, yeah, my enlightened are steadily rising now. They’re at 1400 currently, and it won’t be before around 2k I start burning them.

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I was using 100 apprentice but I’m thinking of increasing the limit to 120 or 130(coz it’s hard to get all the vocabs done before I level up)
As for the higher levels I don’t really worry about them.

For a sane pace (given family and job), apprentice between 40 and 60 makes sense. I have 43 right now, and rarely get over 55. I don’t think it is worth tracking the higher categories, and that will jumble more as things proceed. I have a strict limit of 8 new lessons per day, regardless of radical, kanji, or vocab. This prevents getting huge bursts later on. (I used to do everything new at once, then would get huge review sessions later.) I do new lessons in the morning, reviews at lunch, then another batch after dinner.

Thanks, I think that will add enough meaning to the numbers for my purposes. Not sure what my ideal number of daily reviews is, so I’ll have to feel it out. It’s showing 50 now, and I’m pretty sure I can handle more than that. Time to clean out the lesson queue.

I’m also not too worried about the numbers for Master or Enlightened, since I figure those will contribute a very small percentage of the reviews on a given day.

Yeah, that seems like the optimal distribution. :smiley:

I seem to be doing best at the 340-370 Guru items range, regardless of Apprentice items. :thinking:

I keep my apprentice somewhere between 50 and 180. I use a script that shows me the breakdown of apprentice at each of the SRS levels within it - eg 34/23/2/12 and I add more lessons whenever the level 1+2+3 is under 50.

The number of lessons I do varies quite a bit, because I work full time and I’m doing a degree as well as learning Japanese, but this means I always have a nice number of “feeder” items to keep my daily practice up. My last batch I did when my apprentice was at 127, but the breakdown was 0/27/34/76, so I wasn’t afraid to add more apprentice items.

I think this is what others do when they look at overall reviews per day, but I like to look at the details of the apprentice workload, rather than the overall number of reviews. That’s because I can put off the higher level reviews until I have time in my schedule, but the apprentice is my “must-do” set.

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