What's your MAIN reason for studying Japanese?

  • I live in Japan
  • I’m a big fan of one or more aspects of Japanese pop culture (i.e. anime)
  • I have Japanese family members (biological or not)
  • I want an intellectual challenge or I want to learn for the sake of learning
  • I don’t live in Japan but Japanese would be useful for my career/future career
  • I’m really into one or more aspects of Japanese traditional culture (i.e. martial arts)
  • I want to travel to or move to Japan for a reason not covered in the other answers
  • I have to more than want to (i.e. language requirement for East Asian Studies major)
  • Other (please specify)

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If I am being honest, it’s mostly vanity. I want to be able to just bust out the language randomly and feel superior


To people who can’t speak it?


That was a kind of fake answer, haha. I mean there is definitely some vanity involved but I will probably vacation in Japan every 5 years or so, and I just like the people so much.

But I do think it’s random for some white dude to just bust out some Japanese!

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I was just gonna say, if they don’t speak it, it’d save you time to just look up canned phrases.


I have Japanese speaking friends. :smiley:


I answered that I’m really into one or more aspects of pop culture because my #1 reason is to be able to read Japanese books.
I also like some aspects of traditional culture, like dolls and textiles.
I also want an intellectual challenge!


Not even that. Just, 「これはぺんです?」 is often sufficient.


Other: I used to live in Japan and not only don’t want to lose what I learned but would like to improve on it.


Mostly because I watch anime and play a lot of videogames from Japan. Not everything gets translated, or it gets translated poorly, so it could be fun/useful in those cases.
Also partly because I want to do something useful with my free time, other than spending it on just entertainment.

As far as foreign languages go, I think it sounds and looks pretty cool too, so that’s a plus.


I went with the “pop culture” option, but multiple factors are involved.

  1. I’ve always been fascinated by Japan, in general.

  2. I love languages, and have a knack for them (though Kanji is kicking my rear end).

  3. I love any excuse to learn.

  4. I love challenging myself.

  5. I recently discovered Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende, and subbed videos can be hard to find; despite the differences between the Kansai and Kanto dialects, I think knowing the language will make it easier for me when I try to watch a video, and find that it has no subtitles.


Other: Be a better professional wrestler <3


I relate to this.

There is a student club at my university that wins every competion they attend to. The other day there was some guy sitting next to me wearing proudly his club t-shirt. I told him “hey, do you know there is a huge grammar error in your latin motto [written in the back of you t-shirt]?”.
I explained to the guy, he thought it was funny, and it made me feel so superior :monkey:


I live and work in Japan, I did 6 years of Uni here (bachelor’s + master’s) and wanikani is a great way to drill kanji everyday and stay on top of things!


Other, I work for a japanese company in my home country and the spoken language is japanese :grin:


Felt like multiple questions applied, really
I love the culture, at least what I get to see from a distance, and although I dont watch much anime/tv in general, I do read a bit and would love to read books or even manga in the original language

I enjoy learning or studying all kinds of language and there’s such a feeling of global understanding, hearing someone’s point of view about the world or where they live in their own language, it’s kind of a rush actually
Some of the craziest news stories I’ve ever read, I read them in french or spanish

The mental challenge is nice, helps you reach a state of flow easily, which I enjoy


I live in Japan, I study for career purposes, and reading novels by Japanese authors, as well as translations into Japanese.


Because I intend to get N1, go to grad school here, and then enter the field that I’ve always wanted to be in: museum studies and curatorship. Goodness knows Japan’s museums (outside of major cities) could use better English resources, and I want to be a part of that.

Being an ALT has been wonderful, but I cannot keep doing it into my 30’s and 40’s without some sort of regret over not following my dreams…


I went with the “intellectual challenge” option, but more specifically I want to give my brain another toolset to use for thinking. But getting there is difficult if you don’t use a language, so my secondary reasons (like the culture, like manga, been there loved it, know japanese people, etc) will make me keep using it until I achieve my goal.


Shita ! I clicked just to see if there was multiple answers possible and it gave away the wrong reason.
So, really, I like the intellectual chalenge, want to eventually live there and I like Japanese traditional culture :slight_smile: