What's your reason for learning Japanese?

Hi guys I wanted to ask you, what’s your reason for learning Japanese?
First I’ll tell mine.So I wanna learn Japanese for 4 reasons.
1.Win a competition between me and my friends.
2.I love Japanese culture and history.
3.I love animes.
4.I like to move to Japan study and become a professor at a college or university.(it’s actually a wish)


Personally, I do it because I have quite a few Japanese friends.

Also, anime.


Welcome and tnx for replying.

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  1. I want to have a better relationship with my folks that only speak Japanese. I want to give my husband a break from his second language. Miscommunications suck.

  2. Keeps my brain young. Love the challenge. I don’t want to be monolingual.

  3. Japanese history and folklore. I can only dream now of reading the original texts.


Great work wish all good things for you


What’s the competition with your friends?

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I and my friends decided to learn Japanese and we are competing between each other to see whose better and faster.


Regular? So you enjoy learning things I’m kinda like that because I’m just just a little good at learning other languages

To be honest I started because I was procrastinating studying for my exams :smiley: I felt less guilty not studying for Uni while I was studying something else. I had started learning hiragana a few years before but then stopped before I got to Kanji (because theres so many) but this time i kept going.


I don’t even remember my original reason at this point but I’m too deep in at this point and I feel like it’d be a waste to stop now.

EDIT: oops, didn’t mean to reply to you, sorry about that.


Yeah It’ll be a waste you’re level.60 lucky to you anyway I’m level.6 I study on my own but I use Wanikani as a dictionary and a levelery(I mean to know which level I am)


It’s alright! :high_touch:

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I will do a year of university exchange in Tokyo starting in September if the borders reopen by then.
I want to learn Japanese in order to enjoy as much as possible this year abroad and to be able to more easily communicate and having interaction with people.


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I always liked the sound of Japanese, so I thought it would be cool to learn! And I like the food and culture.

Now that I’m living here, I want to keep studying to become a game translator. Wanikani really helps with all the JLPT N1 vocabulary. :sweat_smile:


I live in Japan and while I can survive only using English, I’d like to be able to feel more like a resident than a tourist. Also has the added bonus of being able to understand a lot of media here without wondering how to get subtitles.


Welcome and tnx for reply

You’re so lucky I wish you good grades.

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That’s perfect and the thing is strange about Japan is their food I’m vegan and kinda don’t it every vegetable too.So their food is strange even vegetarian ones

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