What's your average number of correct percentage in a review session?

These are my percentages according to wkstats:


However, in practice, I think my average is more like 89-91%, because I’ll often mess up either the reading or the meaning, not both on the same item.

As far as what percentages are acceptable and which aren’t, it’s true that there’s a certain amount of personal tolerance involved, and some people are able to fail a lot of reviews and keep going without being demoralized, but I think it’s important to note that due to how the SRS is designed, once you drop below a certain accuracy threshold, your workload massively increases.

Kumirei simulated how many reviews it would take to burn all of the items with various accuracy averages.

With 100% accuracy, it would take just 137,048 reviews. With 90%, which is what I’m looking at currently, haha, it would take 281,032 reviews (EDIT: just checked my count, and I’m at 28,163 reviews, with about 10% burned. So, right on track!). Even by 80%, there is a sharp increase to 834,471. At 70%, it’s substantially worse: 4,828,658. That’s over seventeen times the amount of reviews it would take me to complete WK if I manage to keep my 90% accuracy all the way to the end.

On average, I complete maybe 130 reviews in one day. Seventeen times that is 2,210. That’s a lot more work!

I think 85% is probably a good number to aim for as your minimum, unless you are willing to sink a lot of unnecessary time into doing WK reviews. In Kumirei’s simulation, 85% would net you about 453,812 reviews (bearing in mind that these numbers are a few years out of date, so there are more items in WK now, and therefore more reviews. The SRS works the same, though).

The good news is that if your accuracy isn’t where you want it to be, there are a lot of tricks you can use to improve it! Following the advice in the ultimate guide to WK is a great place to start. The biggest tips I can give are:

  1. Make sure you really learn the lessons, coming up with new mnemonics if necessary. As others have suggested, limiting the number of them you do at one time is generally a good idea! Something that I do personally is drill just the new lesson items with the self-study quiz immediately after I complete my lessons. That goes a long way to improve my accuracy in those early review stages.

  2. Try to hit those 4 hour and 8 hour review intervals as close as you can. It’s okay if you miss them by an hour or so, but I would try to get them as close as possible. jprspereira’s guide has some tips on how to schedule this, if you don’t know what I’m talking about. You’d be surprised at how much of a difference this can make!

When I started out, I had bad accuracy even on the easy levels, haha, because I was new to learning the language, and was new to SRS. But limiting the amount of lessons I did daily (I do 10-13, for the record. About twice as slow as full speed), drilling the lessons with the self-study quiz, and then hitting those 4-hour and 8-hour intervals for the new items every single day helped bring my accuracy up a lot, which reduced my workload and made WK easier for me.

I don’t know what speed you’re trying to go at, but if you’re trying to go as fast as possible and are struggling with low accuracy, I definitely recommend slowing down, because you’ll likely be drowning in reviews soon if you aren’t already. Limiting your lessons and improving your accuracy are the two biggest ways to reduce your WK workload.

But if the problem is typos, the double-check script can solve that problem. Make sure to use it responsibly, though! :wink: