What's your average number of correct percentage in a review session?

About 89% - 100%. I don’t like to guess, so I write notes down as a reminder and study them often before practice on Wanikani. Unless you’re a genius and never forget anything you read, you will HAVE TO STUDY them. WaniKani is not a game - play, then forget. It’s a learning tool. And the best way to learn anything is “practice, practice , practice.” 1st thing 1st. Learn because you love learning. If you truly learned, your accuracy will automatically improve. Personally, that’s my focus.

Overall accuracy: 97.817% (3047/3115)

That’s over the last month, according to the WK buddy link above.

The only reason I added this comment is to attempt to answer your other question about what you should do. My accuracy went from low-mid 80s to high 90s as soon as I started doing a consistent 20 lessons a day, no more. I don’t study them any more or different than before, just I only do 20 of them and save the rest for tomorrow.

That’s a pretty good number for me because it “increased” my level up time from about 10 days before (I almost always failed just enough kanji to delay the level-up) to… about 10 days. I don’t fail as much now which offsets the couple of days it takes me to get through the level-up avalanche of last-level vocab, then the new-level radicals and kanji.

But it’s fast enough to keep bringing the backlog down to zero between waves, and slow enough to not be too much to learn all in one day.

So for whatever that’s worth,


Anywhere from 50 to 90% per session, these days. I’ve had review sessions where I’ve seen 40% correct, which is just sad; but my overall stats are above 80%.

Seeing everyone’s replies is making me feel a bit better; I have been feeling really discouraged lately!

I make so many typos already in English (I am dyslexic) and I am constantly making typos on words I actually know in Japanese, so I usually have an accuracy of around 85-90% on good review sessions and around 70% on bad/new ones. Lately though, I’ve been trying not to be too hard on myself and just enjoy the course. I don’t want to burn out and quit.

I’ve felt pressured by myself to occasionally cheat on cards in the middle of reviews if my accuracy is start to drop too low, so I feel more at ease now to just relax and do them, even if my acc drops. I know it’s not that serious but does anyone else feel like way too? Like the pressure to try to stay as accurate as possible


Anywhere from 100% to…12%.


Exactly! I’ve even seen zero…


I just got 89% on a 100-review session at lvl 3 and already feel like a disgrace so i can feel how it can make you unmotivated. :frowning:

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This is mine at the time I am at level 16.

Usually during reviews it hovers pretty close to the image’s review percentage but sometimes It dips 70-80 depending if I have a lot of new ones in the reviews which I have not really drawn connection to yet.

Overall tho I feel like stuff from wanikani tends to stick (at least on the reviews, not necessarily in wild yet) pretty well.

My accuracy tends to float around the 80%-90%. If it starts to trend to 50% I generally call it for the day because I find it’s not worth it.

One thing that I have been doing and has really helped improve my review percentage is typing out the mnemonics in the notes section they provide. I found that this really helps with my retention of the words.


Around 95% at the moment. Kanji readings are killing me

85%-95% per session.
I’d consider myself slacking down too much if it ever goes below that.

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Usually above 80% which is also my goal for sessions of any size.
If I have a session filled with all my most persistent leeches it goes down towards a coin flip (~50%), which is exactly the time that I always tell myself that I will soon design a masterplan to get rid of them . . .


I just did a 49 review session and got 100%, I was like

“wat? is this a glitch in the matrix? somebody call the architect!”

our brain sometimes behaves in strange ways, some days we are forgetful and some days we are quite sharp remembering stuff.

Yesterday I spent all day getting between 40 to 55% accuracy

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Damn, you guys are still so efficient at high lvl. I respect you so much!!
Here’s my accuracy at lvl 3!
No scripts to correct typos, nor second chance. I still have some trouble with some mnemonics and try to write some in my own way.


Honestly, don’t pay too much attention to your accuracy percentages. Numbers and percentages are all fun and games, but in the end it is not what kanji learning is about right? So don’t feel bad if you have an off day or manage to ‘only’ get 80% correct. We’re human, make mistakes and we’ll learn from them and that is all that matters. :smiley:

I am currently in the burning stages and especially in the later levels(50+) my accuracy tends to drop. For everything up to Enligthened 85%+ is the average. But if I take a look at my accuracy with Burns I score only 50/60% on Kanji and Vocab :sweat_smile:

Not gonna lie, getting only 20% or so on a 30 item Burn review always hurts a little.


I think everyone here has offered well-meaning advice, but I think it’s worth keeping in mind that you’re getting a self-selected sample here. People with accuracy levels in the 90s are more likely to chime in with a reply to this topic than folks with accuracy levels in the 60s. This isn’t to criticize those who are sharing their experience, but rather to point out that it may not be representative of the userbase as a whole.

Rather than focus on percentage scores, ask yourself honestly if you feel like you’re improving your kanji knowledge. Getting things wrong is an essential part of letting the SRS system function properly; its how it knows to give you more opportunity to practice.

If you’re logging in every day to review Kanji that you could swear you’ve never seen before in your life, then maybe reduce your number of lessons per day a bit. Otherwise, just keep plugging away and don’t sweat the numbers at the end. Remember, you’re not getting a grade for this and there’s no competition unless you want there to be.


My average accuracy is about 87%.
The biggest thing that helped by out has been getting batches of 10-20 lessons to lvl 4 apprentice before the next batch. When I couldn’t commit to hitting the 4 and 8 hour intervals for reviews of lessons in the same day, my accuracy would be low (50% or less). In the beginning I was doing lessons each day, but that ultimately made my progress slower than my current rate. Of course, another thing was starting to use scripts after lvl 10 so my bad English spelling or use of synonyms would hold be back. I suppose I also actually starting to add synonyms to WK that were dictionary approved… so, small improvements in how you use WK can change your retention.

I would encourage you to feel free to either adjust WK or how you use WK to meet your goals.

So far at the beginning of a new batch of kanji, it hovers around 75 percent. But closer to when i get the kanji to guru, I average around 90%. Granted I am only lvl 3 and it’ll probably drop when I get to a higher lvl if I don’t start being more efficient with my pacing :sob:

These are my percentages according to wkstats:


However, in practice, I think my average is more like 89-91%, because I’ll often mess up either the reading or the meaning, not both on the same item.

As far as what percentages are acceptable and which aren’t, it’s true that there’s a certain amount of personal tolerance involved, and some people are able to fail a lot of reviews and keep going without being demoralized, but I think it’s important to note that due to how the SRS is designed, once you drop below a certain accuracy threshold, your workload massively increases.

Kumirei simulated how many reviews it would take to burn all of the items with various accuracy averages.

With 100% accuracy, it would take just 137,048 reviews. With 90%, which is what I’m looking at currently, haha, it would take 281,032 reviews (EDIT: just checked my count, and I’m at 28,163 reviews, with about 10% burned. So, right on track!). Even by 80%, there is a sharp increase to 834,471. At 70%, it’s substantially worse: 4,828,658. That’s over seventeen times the amount of reviews it would take me to complete WK if I manage to keep my 90% accuracy all the way to the end.

On average, I complete maybe 130 reviews in one day. Seventeen times that is 2,210. That’s a lot more work!

I think 85% is probably a good number to aim for as your minimum, unless you are willing to sink a lot of unnecessary time into doing WK reviews. In Kumirei’s simulation, 85% would net you about 453,812 reviews (bearing in mind that these numbers are a few years out of date, so there are more items in WK now, and therefore more reviews. The SRS works the same, though).

The good news is that if your accuracy isn’t where you want it to be, there are a lot of tricks you can use to improve it! Following the advice in the ultimate guide to WK is a great place to start. The biggest tips I can give are:

  1. Make sure you really learn the lessons, coming up with new mnemonics if necessary. As others have suggested, limiting the number of them you do at one time is generally a good idea! Something that I do personally is drill just the new lesson items with the self-study quiz immediately after I complete my lessons. That goes a long way to improve my accuracy in those early review stages.

  2. Try to hit those 4 hour and 8 hour review intervals as close as you can. It’s okay if you miss them by an hour or so, but I would try to get them as close as possible. jprspereira’s guide has some tips on how to schedule this, if you don’t know what I’m talking about. You’d be surprised at how much of a difference this can make!

When I started out, I had bad accuracy even on the easy levels, haha, because I was new to learning the language, and was new to SRS. But limiting the amount of lessons I did daily (I do 10-13, for the record. About twice as slow as full speed), drilling the lessons with the self-study quiz, and then hitting those 4-hour and 8-hour intervals for the new items every single day helped bring my accuracy up a lot, which reduced my workload and made WK easier for me.

I don’t know what speed you’re trying to go at, but if you’re trying to go as fast as possible and are struggling with low accuracy, I definitely recommend slowing down, because you’ll likely be drowning in reviews soon if you aren’t already. Limiting your lessons and improving your accuracy are the two biggest ways to reduce your WK workload.

But if the problem is typos, the double-check script can solve that problem. Make sure to use it responsibly, though! :wink:


It can be beneficial to find your “maximum review load” for a single session. If you start to find yourself losing patience or getting frustrated after 40 reviews, for example, then you might want to break that 100 up into two or three sessions.

It really helps improve accuracy and learning when you set yourself up for success. A mind that is burnt out or in a hurry is not a mind that is ready to learn.