What's the meaning of "下克の国"?

Hello everyone!

So, I was reading this Sengoku era themed manga when I stumbled upon the 下克の国 (げこくのくに) phrase and I have no idea what it means, it’s driving me crazy.

Of course I know what 国 means, but when looking 下克 as an independent word, nothing comes out. Looking in Jisho for example only has 下克上 as result, which is not quite the same.

Anyone has any ideas?

Thanks a lot!

EDIT: Added screenshot.

That exact phrase gets zero hits on Google. You sure you haven’t misread something?

Otherwise, perhaps it’s a proper noun. 下克ノォウ and 下克庄 pop up in the search results too.

What manga? Context is king!

Nope! It says下克の国 exactly, with げこくas the furigana for 下克.

Would upload a screenshot but I don’t know if that’s allowed lol.

The manga is 殿さまとスティッチ.

Yes, a manga about Stitch from Lilo & Stitch in a sengoku era setting. Lmao.

It is. We do it all the time here.

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Easier option: just post a link to the chapter itself:

The pages don’t seem to be numbered anywhere, but it’s on the page after the title page. I’m pretty sure it’s a proper noun, the name of the country.


So… Something like The Country/Nation of Gekoku? Lol.

Excuse me? I need to read this immediately!–
Err, yes, @Belthazar is correct, I believe. It’s probably a proper noun.

Sounds right to me.


The manga is kinda lit tbh. Looks like its free since all 16 chapters are unlocked in the Comic Days app.

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I’d say so? The second chapter repeats that exact phrase: 下克の国で天下に覇を唱える大名がいた


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