What was your process for improving passive listening?

Thing with songs is, in lots of cases, you don’t have verbs. The sentence structure is there and all, but you don’t have a verb, so that might make understanding them harder if you’re not used to it.

Woa, can you share your playlist with me? You can do that on spotify, right? How long have you been studying? I didn’t even realize Spotify would have resources like that.

My username is electronbabies on Spotify if its easy to share there.

I’ve been playing the Japanese version of Trails in the Sky FC (first chapter) on the PSVita. Pretty much all dialogue but random NPCs are voiced and it has a text log (up button while not in cutscenes or battles) that lets you review the last 999 textbox dialogues (even previous game sessions’ text boxes are listed). So not only can you pick from a list of 999 lines and listen to them over and over and over again until you get it, but you can then read the sentence in Japanese to practice reading. It has been extremely useful.

It’s also an amazing game that I would recommend to any JRPG fan. Just beware that it will test your wanikani kanji knowledge :slightly_smiling_face:


I see people are still replying but thank you all so much for your suggestions :slightly_smiling_face: this has given me plenty to go off of. It’s also lovely seeing how active the forums are.


@Kumirei i enjoy the heroaka radio snippets! Its the voice actors from my hero academia. Also haikyuu radio. I only found short snippets on YouTube tho, i think you could find the original radio broadcast online but idk where.

To OP, i like listening to anime radio shows or drama cds! The actors in the drama cds tend to talk at a slower pace so my mind isn’t automatically blocking them :joy:

I also find as i progress on WK and learn more vocab, passive listening becomes easier since I’m able to understand the words i catch (vs just hearing a bunch of mumble jumble)


I subscribed to TV Japan and watch it quite a bit. I especially comprehend the kids’ programs. Just my level! I watch the other programs, too, and am catching a lot of words I know, and sometimes a complete (or nearly complete) sentence. Being a retired elementary teacher, I really enjoy the children’s programs, and the language is simple enough for me to understand a lot of it.

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Oh, I’m sorry. I only use Spotify to synch across devices. The playlist itself is made from local files, the CDs/Downloads that come with Audio-/Text-/Workboooks. You can’t share those unless you’re in the same WiFi.
If you’re only interested in some dialogues though, you can download the ones from DekiruNihongo for free. It’s 15 dialogues in each book and these are by far my favorites. They sound rather natural for a textbook and come with vocablists.
Add to that your own textbook, maybe get some JPod audiobooks if you like those and you’re set.

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I’ve been watching Terrace House on Netflix, and while I’m not a big fan of reality style TV, it’s actually pretty good to watch without subs.

The beginning episode is especially good since you get to watch the group introduce themselves and ask about each other in a way that’s fairly easy to understand. You also get to hear はじめましてお願いします enough times to never forget it. :wink:


Have you tried Mr. Brain? Its like a CSI meets Holmes kinda thing, pretty entertaining, and I watch it without subs and can pretty much figure out what’s going on through visual context clues.


I listen to japanese music, watch japanese youtubers, and watch a ton of anime everyday. idk if it’s working but I like to think it is. :slight_smile:

I think it wasn’t on (Japanese) Netflix when I looked for it, and Netflix is baaaaaasically where I was all my Japanese stuff.

Because I did specifically search for a bunch of Japanese best crime drama lists xD

Yah I’m not sure it would be on there. I got the dvds after watching a not so legal version and enjoyed it enough to want to binge it with the dvds. There is so much technical jargon in it, but I don’t mind. Its so interesting and the lead guy is fun to watch.

I’ve been watching Stay at home dad on JP Netflix now, its cute but probably not enough for me to binge lol

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Name and shame your favorites please!

Bonus points if pertaining to shrines, mountains, or food.
神社, 高尾山、蝦‼

Bilingual News, of course. Very interesting discussions.
ひいきびいき was very good as well, although it ended recently. It’s about whatever the hosts feel like talking about.
そこあに about anime, not as good, but it’s alright.
もえまおり is a show I started recently. Not sure about this one yet.

There have been others, but I don’t remember them,

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Started listening to ひいきびいき recently because you mentioned it before and I’m enjoying it, so thanks :).

My listening comprehension is terrible and it feels like following along with a good casual conversation, so hopefully it’s helping …

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I’m also recommending ひいきびいき :slight_smile:

Also, I’ve found that the difficulty varies a lot depending on subject. For instance, I can understand the gist of most of the Hearthstone and Minecraft ones, probably because of all the loan words and me already knowing the games.

So it can be a good idea to shop around a bit for the ones that are doable :slight_smile:

(Fun fact: it was in the Minecraft one that I first learned the important word 異世界)

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I’m currently trying to listen to only Japanese music at home. Mostly slow stuff like hip hop, and it’s helping a lot, I think.
Though my selection’s pretty bare at the moment because I don’t really know many artists.

I’ve been listening to some Japanese music. Jpop or anime music doesn’t do it for me, my tastes tend to go more towards relaxing music, stuff I’ve found so far that I enjoy is Happy End, early Haruomi Hosono albums, Shintaro Sakamoto, Ino Hidefumi, etc.

Would be interested to get some podcast recommendations that on topics other than gaming/anime/etc.

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