What should I study while waiting for review

I have way too much free time and I’m really eager to learn japanese. I’m reaching level 4 soon, but the amount of reviews I’m getting has slowed down the last week. I want to do more, and Wanikani ain’t satisfying my hunger. Are there anything I can do efficiently while having such a small vocabulary?


Start with a textbook - Genki is the most popular but there are many others to choose from. I don’t personally get anything out of apps like duolingo, but you might, so take a look. Audio courses are good (I recommend Michel Thomas).

If you want to try reading, the various graded readers sets begin at level zero so your vocabulary won’t be too far off.


I recommend Japanese Ammo with Misa’s Absolute Beginners playlist on youtube. When I was in the same place you are now, I felt the same way. I started it, and now I can speak a little! It’s also completely free! Misa is a great teacher.


Study grammer(bunpro), listen to podcast (nihongo con teppei beginner personal recommendation) also you can sync it to get to use kamesame or any similar app to get eng-> jp.
I wouldn’t recommend try to read early on but you can also try and do that

Genki is slow but will allow you to build a solid grammar and vocabulary base. Make sure to do all of its exercises and listen to all dialogs (including the ones in the exercises). Even if you don’t use Genki, the sooner you start with grammar the better.

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