Lots of time but no idea how to use it

Could someone please tell me how I can best use my time each day? At the moment I have way to much free time but I don’t know what I should be doing, I want to learn as fast as I can instead of wasting time doing other stuff.

Right now I do Wanikani everyday, but other than that all I do is read Genki sometimes (on lesson 7) and have a tutor do the exercises with me. I went through Genki 1 and 2 and learned all the vocab a while back without learning the grammar, but I have forgotten most of it now, maybe it would be quick to relearn them though.

I want to study most of the day if I can, I have the motivation I just don’t know what I am doing :frowning: could some higher levels give me advice? Thank you!

Watch native content without subtitles or with japanese subtitles is great :yum:


Pick up some easy listening, like Nihongo con Teppei podcast for beginners.

I think you are doing enough already, just focus on the quality. And also I would add bunpro to practice grammar. Now you are probably motivated but if you take on yourself too much you will burnout pretty quickly.

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Do some reading practice? There’s lots of material out there that is only kanji. I’d start with something straightfoward, like brief news stories.


I would say, definitely grammar. Genki is already a great resource, I combined my book studies with BunPro (free/paid grammar SRS) which lets you fill in grammar gaps in sentences. If you are on a grammar level between N5 and N4 you can definitely start reading things like NHK easy news.
Without solid grammar you will find yourself not understanding anything even if you know all the vocab in a text.

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Grammar is going to be huge, as people have said above. You can continue through genki, and consider checking out some free resources like YouTube channels and online grammar guides.

Then reading and listening comprehension. With extra free time (a problem I do not have), I’d spend more time reading and listening, immersion will increase your ability to learn and use what you’re learning!

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