What other learning materials do you recommend to do with WaniKani?

I have just recently started WaniKani and thought 'what other resources would be good with WaniKani?
So, please give recommendations!

p.s. Prior to WaniKani I have been studying for 10 months!


80/20 Japanese, starting with the free intro [Japanese Sentence Structure: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide]

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Why did you study for 10 months without learning any kanji? Or did you decide to do wanikani even though you already know a few? Sorry, just curious :sweat_smile:

Anyway, to answer your question: I would personally recommend using Tae Kim’s Guide for Japanese (Learn Japanese – Tae Kim's Guide to Learning Japanese) or Bunpro (https://bunpro.jp/) for grammar, and then you can move on to Tobira once you’ve covered basic grammar. You can also download Anki and use it to study vocab because wanikani doesn’t teach a lot of basic and important vocab!

I used Tae Kim’s Grammar guide to learn all of the main grammar points.

Before that I was learning with the Genki 1 and Genki 2 textbooks, but I stopped in the middle of Genki 2 because I realized that textbooks were not for me and made it hard for me to hold interest.

After completing Tae Kim’s guide, I believe the best material you can use to learn is by reading/watching native content. Start with content aimed towards children and then slowly work your way up to more difficult content.

It will be a STRUGGLE at first. I continued to use Tae Kim’s guide as a reference and constantly looked up grammar points that I had forgotten. But if you keep up it, I can guarantee your comprehension will level up immensely.


ahh ok thanks btw how would i effectively use tae kims?

Thanks so much i will put all of this into use!!
BTW do you recommend the Genki books?

Hmm honestly, I would have to agree with nikujaja, though I’m only on Genki l textbook so you would have to ask them instead for a more accurate review. It seems to me like it is a pretty good starting base to introduce you to Japanese grammar but I definitely agree that it’s not particularly interesting studying by yourself and you get kinda bored, likely because it’s geared more towards studying in groups, in classrooms with others.

sorry for late reply,
i have been studied multiple different ways and settled on a specific way around 9 months ago and studied grammar kanji etc using anki but i hit a roadblock because i realized that it hasn’t been working for me so i gave wanikani a go and i love it!
BTW what is Tobira do you mean the textbook and what does it teach?
also do you have any free/unpaid services because there are so many other paid stuff i wanna get (like bunpro, Kitsun.io and a couple of expensive stuff like a water cooler and 16gb of ram for my pc so i am a bit short on money) and it is really tempting

well if you don’t wanna pay for kitsun.io you can just use anki, it’s less fancy but honeslty works really well. there are tons of shared decks if you don’t want to create your own, the most popular being the 2k/6k for vocab
For the grammar i do recommend bunpro since it’s cheap and efficient, if you’re more into textbooks then go for genki/Tea kim
And also don’t forget that you can immerse yourself into the japanese language to pick up grammar points and vocabulary naturally, if you have time to spend, i would recommand to spend it immersing !

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just done the maths (im British) so the total comes to £11.76/month and i get £10/week so i could just use them

Yeah Tobira is a textbook! It doesn’t exactly “teach” because it’s not really set up as a series of lessons. It’s more like a lot of reading and listening practice with explanations and very useful grammar points to learn. I really recommend it because it helped improve my reading and listening skills a ton but it’s an intermediate book so you’d want to know basic grammar and maybe around 700-1000 kanji before starting it (there’s very little furigana).

Also, Tae Kim and Anki are both free. What I do is make custom Anki cards for new grammar points that I learn and then revise them every day. Make sure you don’t use too many programs at the same time though, because WaniKani alone can give you hundreds of reviews per day and it can get really exhausting and lead to burnout.

i see i am thinking of using Bunpro, WaniKani and Kitsun.io is that good

If you get into Genki I & II, I would suggest watching Tokini Andy’s videos. They are free on YouTube. His videos make the Genki experience MUCH better:

However, if you subscribe to his website, he has custom made exams for each chapter, as well as shadowing and extra grammar videos. Honestly, you don’t even need the books unless you want to do the extra curriculum activities that are also found on his site.

As someone mentioned, BunPro is also great for grammar, but only as a reference to it. In my opinion, BunPro is more effective once you’ve learned the grammar and then you just need to either practice it or reference it quickly. It’s actually GREAT for that. By itself though, not so much. YMMV.

After Genki I & II, Tokini Andy goes into Quartet I & II, which is an Intermediate Japanese method comparable to JLPT N3 & N2 respectively. This is what I’ll start doing next year once I’m done reviewing Genki I & II in about a month.


For what it’s worth, I’m pairing Wanikani with Kaniwani. Kaniwani tests the “other way” (it gives you English, you type the Japanese). I’m finding that it is GREATLY improving my retention, and others in the forums say it helps with recollection once you start speaking.

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Actually, i just remembered i have minna no nihongo 1 do you recommend me using this instead?
however i have no idea how to use it

i have been using that just not 100% sure on it yet

This was brought up in another thread.

I felt the same way as you about using both until I started to get into the higher levels in WaniKani. Doing both, plus all the other stuff I was doing, was overwhelming (especially given that I’m doing WaniKani at the fastest speed). If you have the time though, I think it’s great!!

I haven’t used Minna no Nihongo, so I can’t comment on it. However, BunPro has pathways for it. Give it a try since you already have the books. There’s nothing to lose, right? ^_^.

I’m not sure if it’s the most effective way but what I’ve done is first read through the entire grammar guide once. The guide is pretty huge so I broke it up and made it a habit to read at least one page of the guide a day. At that pace I think you can finish it in 2-3 months.

But reading it one time won’t make you a master of grammar. I’m especially forgetful so there have been a lot of times where I’m like, “oh hey I remember reading about this grammar in the guide but I forgot what it means“. I had to reread a bunch of sections many times before I fully retained them.

ok i’ll start doing that!