What novels (not manga) could i start reading to learn grammar?

i will, im not really familiar with the community section of wanikani, i have to take some more time checking out the absolutely beginners club because it seems like an amazing tool to use!


also, any manga recommendation you have? the simplest the better :sweat_smile:

I think this reply needs to be stickied somewhere. I am so going to use this process, thank you!

Edit: within 5 minutes I’m already reading an interesting novel, with instant access to all the furigana and word meaning if I need them. Brilliant.

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@VoidWalker89 You might want to check out the quote functionality on the forums. It’s okay to sometimes reply multiple times in a row, but 9 is excessive.

On topic, I’d definitely recommend studying all N5 and some key N4 grammar before trying to read. As @jacobalbano said, reading without at least some base understanding of grammar is likely to just be an exercise in frustration.


I’d suggest hitting up the book clubs first, since having people to read along with and ask questions can help:

There are several manga listed in there already, and people kind enough to make vocab lists too! Definitely take advantage of it if you can :smiley:

If you can manage to squeeze in some grammar studies, like others mentioned, it will make things easier. Even just getting down N5 grammar first will give you a huge boost. (N4 is where the difference really starts when it comes to reading though.) Doesn’t hurt to try, and if it doesn’t fully work out, jump back to your old method. :slight_smile:

Best of luck!


Flying Witch is a series I like a lot (the beginner club has read some of it, so you could look at the thread there). The grammar is pretty simple but a couple of the characters use tsugaru dialect, which can be tough to read – fortunately it doesn’t happen often and when it does, the joke is that the main character can’t understand them either.

Yuru Camp is good, but doesn’t have furigana – fortunately the beginner book club is starting to read it pretty soon, and it has a vocabulary list.

Yotsuba&! is a common recommendation for new readers (it was my first manga). There’s a reading club devoted to that series so I’m sure you could find a lot of good info in there.


ohhhh i see, i had no idea this was a thing, thanks for the tip, and sorry about the load of comments, but i didnt want it to seem like i didnt care whether people commented on my post or not, so i just thanked everyone, again, no idea this existed!