What manga would you guys suggest?

Hello everyone, I’ve been self-studying Japanese for about 2.5 years now and I’ve only started using Wanikani since last month. Although I’m having an easy time remembering the kanji (for now), I’m surprised by how many more words I’m learning. As such, I want to start reading more manga to solidify the new words I’m learning here.
I study for 2 hours pretty much everyday and about 1.5 of that time is dedicated to making my own sentences using grammar that I’m studying. I would like to add more reading to my study - perhaps 30 minutes before bed. Like I said before, I feel as though this would help drill in words that I’m learning here in a different way rather than using them only in my grammar sessions.

I have not done any JLPT exams before, but I would assume I’m somewhere inbetween N3 - N4. I know that some people might be thinking it’s weird I’m only N4 - N3 after 2.5 years - but I’m just taking it easy and grasping the language little by little. The way I see it, if you study every day you can only get better! Anyway, if you guys do have any manga recommendations for somebody like me, I would be really grateful! I already have 「よつばと!」. I would prefer a manga which uses regular Japanese, admittedly I don’t really watch anime (besides Ghibli) and I haven’t ever really studied with it.
Thank you very much. This was my first post here so I look forward to hearing from you guys. :smile:


Do you have any specific genre of interest?

I recommend checking through anything that’s been read by the Absolute Beginner Book Club, or possibly joining in with the current manga that we’ve just started if it looks interesting to you. (I have a feeling its dialogue won’t be as “regular Japanese” as Yotsuba has, though.)


I didn’t realise there was such a helpful resource here. I’ve only just started using the forums. Thank you for showing me.
Well, I don’t mind if the Japanese isn’t entirely regular. It’s just a preference. I like slice of life, comedy and romance. But right about now I think anything that gets the Japanese in my brain to excercise itself would be tremendously helpful. Thanks again, I’ll check those out right away!


Check out Aria the Masterpiece (originally released separately as Aqua and Aria). It’s mostly slice of life with some sci-fi and fantasy elements. The main character speaks very regular/standard Japanese, but of course not all of the characters do. I often recommend this manga for first time manga readers.

Book club: Aria the Masterpiece Home Thread (Beginner Book Club / Aria Book Club)

Buy on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/product/4800005019


Sounds great! I think I’ll go with this one then, thank you :slight_smile:

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I find it more easy to stay motivated if it is something of interest, even if the vocabulary isn’t the most “practical.” Still exciting to see words show up in different contexts and common expressions! Picking up something that you’re familiar with in English lets you cheat in understanding (a little!), but can also be fun to pick up nuances of the language that are missing in translation. If you like Ghibli, I know there are manga adaptations of several of their films, though I haven’t tried reading one myself.

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I completely agree with you, Yumling. You just reminded me, I actually read all 4 parts of the となりのトトロ (My Neighbour Totoro) books. Sorry that I forgot to mention that in my opening post. Like you said, it was an easy read because I’ve watched the movie countless times - however it was still a nice sensation to be able to read it. I also picked up a few new words from the grandmother.
Thank you for your advice :smiley:

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been self translating ‘Nyaight of the Living Cat’ to help me with grammar…some really tough parts so far but it’s a fun silly series.

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I’ll check it out, thank you.

I spent many long months (probably over a year tbh) completely ignoring the forums because I thought it was just a place to be silly. (If we’re being honest I still don’t understand the poll threads, I’m sorry guys :persevere:)

Once I started exploring I realized what a waste it was to ignore the forums. They are an absolute goldmine of information and aside from the very rare exception, are full of kind, patient, and incredibly helpful people.

So, welcome to the forums! There’s as much to learn here as on the main site.


Thanks for the warm welcome :smiley: I’m sure that I’ll be using the forums a lot!

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You can always check out


for more tips! :slight_smile:

Personally, I’ll recommend Kuroshitsuji. ^^