Manga for Kanji Novices

I’ve been going at kanji studies for close to a year now (started with some Udemy courses that I slowly worked through, then I found WaniKani), and I’ve been learning Japanese for about two years. I know a lot of vocabulary and kanji through most of WaniKani’s 6th level (plus some others I learned outside of WK), but I don’t really have any methods for putting it to use, so it’s kind of sitting in my brain not getting used. I figured a fun way to start using it would be to buy some manga in Japanese, but I don’t want to just randomly buy something and find out that it’s well above my skill level, so does anyone have recommendations for manga that I could use for this purpose?


There was basically the same question just yesterday, so my apologies that I simply reuse my response for you as well :upside_down_face:

Enjoy reading! :+1:


Much obliged! And no need to be sorry, I should have done a better job searching instead of creating a duplicate thread.