What level should my friend start Genki?

my friend is planning on getting Genki soon but what level should he start at? since idk because I use minna no nihongo

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You can use it before you even start wanikani, although it might be nice to use it alongside.


There’s really no “best time” for starting on introductory grammar. Most all introductory grammar texts that are aimed at non-native speakers will assume no kanji knowledge. In fact, it is not uncommon for the first year of Japanese instruction in a school or institution to not cover kanji at all; focusing instead on kana, basic vocabulary, and simple grammar structures.

It is helpful to get some basics of grammar down early on so that you can better practice reading.


Your friend should at least be able to read and recognize hiragana and katakana, but any kanji knowledge prior to starting Genki or most beginner level textbooks is just a plus.

Each chapter is a theme following an American studying abroad in Japan. They’ll learn vocabulary surrounding each theme (ex: self-introduction, working a part-time job, etc.) along with a target grammar point and furigana will be provided so you don’t necessarily have to know kanji in order to work through the textbook.

The nice thing is your friend can start studying the kanji they encounter in each chapter, and that will help their Wanikani progress a lot in the beginning. Also, while they progress through Wanikani, the textbook will come in handy to help reinforce their memory as they see the kanji in context.


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