Recommended level before Genki 2

I know that Tofugu’s guide suggests completing Level 10 before starting a beginning Japanese Grammar book, so I’m guessing Genki 1 falls into that category. What level should I be at before starting an intermediate book (i.e. Genki II)? Not at that point yet, just wanted to know for future planning. Thank you.

I would just do both Wanikani and grammar at the pace that suits you. Just make sure you get enough practice with the grammar points. Don’t rush through too fast and do all the exercises, if you’re using a textbook like Genki.

Personally I don’t agree with waiting until level 10 to start basic grammar study. It’s not like the kanji you get from early levels in waniKani are the only ones to appear in the grammar books. and all the beginner books should use furigana.

Plus, very many WaniKani users only came to the site (long) after starting Japanese grammar.


If you haven’t studied grammar before, I guess just finish Genki I. Then move onto Genki II. They’re two parts of an essentially contiguous book. Genki teaches you the kanji and vocab it uses anyway and has furigana, so kanji skills aren’t a real necessity, and there’s no real reason you couldn’t start it right now.

I agree with Saida. I think grammar is useful to start right away and very important, and there are many beginner texts that don’t require any real knowledge of kanji, only kana. And something like Genki teaches you that, too, if you’re still only a beginner with kana.


Not trying to be contrarian, but I think Genki II is still solidly in beginner range. I think it covers enough to get you to N4 level.


So, as a beginner, finishing genki I and II isn’t going to help me? What would be your recommendation?

No, as a beginner, Genki I and II are perfectly suited to your level. What Leebo meant is that Genki II is not an intermediate text (which it isn’t).

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Isn’t going to help you with what?
I don’t see a single point, where reading Textbooks doesn’t help you. You just have to use them for what they are.
What I do right now is, using Genki II for grammar and WaniKani/NHK/ (great website btw, I recommend it for reading practice, since it explains grammar points and vocab by hovering over it) for vocabulary, reading and Kanji practice.

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You could learn Japanese without WK but I think it would be very difficult to learn without grammar books so personally I think starting with Genki 1 at the same time or even before WK is fine.

Genki 1 and 2 are effectively one book split into two volumes.

If you’re a beginner, then you want beginner books, like Genki.

Something like Tobira is an intermediate textbook.


The Genki books dont cover that many kanji. I think by level 10 your still on the right track for most the a kanji and the rest you can study yourself.
Wanikani does not go in the same order as genki for some, for example 歳 is one the kanjis I think genki teaches in the first book but wanikani does not cover until level 46.

Basically just learn the grammar and study any vocab you dont know while doing wanikani.

If you like the wanikani layout I suggest which works like wanikani but there are other decks including one focused on genki.

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I haven’t completed Genki II so what I’m saying is my current understanding, so if I’m incorrect please feel free to correct me or disagree with me.

I’m under the impression that Genki II covers N4 content and I’m also under the impression that all N4 material in WaniKani is completed by around level 27.
Kouichi has suggested previously that it’s best to learn vocab and kanji for the texbooks for Japanese prior to starting them so one can focus on grammar points and material.
So, my understanding is that once somebody is around Level 27, they should be ready to begin Genki II just for the grammar points and material as per Kouichi’s suggestion.

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