When best to start WaniKani?

Hi guys, I am finally ready to tackle Japanese, a lifelong goal of mine. I am an experienced language learner, having learned both French and Spanish to a high degree. Japanese is the first radically different language I’ve learned.For background, I’ll be using Genki I & II, Assimil, and WaniKani. I’ve just started and am currently working on Kana (starting with Hiragana) and plan to move on to Genki/Assimil once that is mastered. My main question, though, is when can I start WaniKani?

As soon as you’re comfortable with hiragana and katakana, you should be okay to start WaniKani. It’d be a good complement to using Genki.


It all depends, but from a personal standpoint, I started WaniKani shortly after I had hiragana/katakana memorized. It reinforces hiragana and sometimes katakana. I think you are on the right track.

Learning a little bit of basic grammar, such as masu stems, negative form, etc. helps, but it’s not critical. I jumped on the grammar train after starting WaniKani and am decent at it.

Using Genki with WaniKani is great, since it broadens your vocabulary…if you have the self-discipline for it. (I’ve started and stopped probably 3 times ;___; )

As soon as you learn hiragana and katakana, you’re ready to start WaniKani :slight_smile: you don’t really need any grammar knowledge to begin here, so doing Wanikani with a grammar supplement is a fantastic way to begin your Japanese studies – 頑張ろう!

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