What level did you hit the wall?

Level 9. It got so bad I ended up resetting to level 7 after almost 4 months of ignoring WK completely, and go again - this time being able to burn off some items and shrink reviews. Back on level 8 now and hoping a slower and steadier approach will pay off

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Can’t say that I have yet, but, it’ll most likely happen down the road somewhere :expressionless:

Level 17/18. It went smoothly, but level 17 all of a sudden seemed to not really sit well with me. And 18 is even worse now. I am still motivated, but I am dealing with way more apprentice items than I have ever before even though I am not doing new lessons. Usually I did 5-10 new lessons a day, but currently I have come to a full-stop to let those last two levels settle.

Also the enlightened items will soon kick me in the butt… so I suppose around level 19/20 I will REALLY have to stay motivated to overcome that.


I’m just starting to hopefully come out of it during level 17. I sort of fell off the WaniKani wagon after having very little internet access during spring vacation this year, but really fell out of practice after Golden Week and have yet to fully recover. I’ve had a few days of 100+ reviews since May, but not so many, and there are a lot of lessons to do, too.

I’d say it wasn’t just the breaks, but the fact that I was gaining all of this kanji with relatively little grammar/basic non-kanji vocab to back it all up. I started doing a Japanese class every other week starting last year, and while the kanji knowledge had really kick-started a lot of that learning, I had (and still have) a lot to learn about Japanese grammar/speaking. It’s getting better now, and it will continue to get better as I get back into WaniKani, I’m sure. Half a year on the same level suck, though.

  1. I just started over, the break I took was a little bit too long to continue. This time I’ll take it easy, no stress :slight_smile:
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At level 25. I felt like I was forgetting everything and my brain wasn’t working. I guess I hit the wall for all things related to learning Japanese. (after one year of intense studying) I got tired of learning grammar, of wanikani, of genki, I was getting over 100 reviews every morning and it was overwhelming. So I took a one week break. I decided to go waaay back to level 15 and try to make less mistakes so they won’t come back and bite me.
Now I am recovering, slowly. I still can’t open the Genki book to learn some new grammar points. But I don’t wanna give up!
I heard about this wall but boy, I hoped I won’t hit it. I was so wrong. I hope you won’t hit it. And even if you do just don’t give up! The passion will come back, slowly but it will come!


resetting to 10 instead of 1 was the right decision, if you value your sanity and consider the vocab wk feeds you in the beginning :laughing:

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I’ve just done the same and I’m enjoying it more second time round! halfway through level 4 at the moment :slight_smile:

Update (^_^) I hope I can keep up with this!
And I hope you get here too @Kazzeon and @everyonestrugglingrn

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Halfway, BOOM!

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On my third year of WK, having reset at the beginning of each year. In 2017, I hit the wall at around 15. Made it to level 18 and then stopped.

2018, reset to level 1 and hit the wall at about 25. Eventually made it to 30 and then stopped.

2019, reset again but only reset to level 10. I wouldn’t say I hit a wall this time so much as I was taking the JLPT, so I stopped at 38 a couple of months ago.

I’m currently trying to decide if I begin 2020 by resetting to level 15-20 and starting from there, or do I just press on? I’m definitely having trouble finding the motivation to press on as I encounter more and more kanji that I basically never see in the wild and is therefore much harder for me to remember.


After about 8 months, I finally made it back to level 31. Excited to learn new kanji.

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nice, keep up the good work.

im starting to slow, even thought I knew a lot of kanji before WK, when the burns start coming back, my accuracy drops haha. So far so good, keeping up with my pace. Cant wait to hit 30 and be at the halfway point!

This happened to me twice. Both times I was able to unbury myself, but it took multiple reviews a day (I could only do so many reviews at a time) for weeks and I couldn’t take on new lessons. Resetting might have been the better option, but I am too stubborn. I think my stumbles started around level 9. Now I feel I am in a good place. When it starts to pile up I tackle it instead of putting it off. Being able to see upcoming reviews for the next week helps me gauge how many lessons to take. Even though my apprentice items might be low if I see a large number of reviews the next day I might hold back on new lessons.

I keep hitting the wall from time to time.
First time it happened at level 37 and lead to a full reset.
Second time it happened at level 20 and lead to another full reset
Third time it happened at level 22 and, luckily, didn’t lead to a reset
Fourth time at my current level, a few weeks ago; I have 845 reviews; I’m going to fix them today.

All my hittings of the wall followed the same pattern:


Heh, I had a very similar journey. Hit a wall at around 34 (can’t recall the exact level), reset completely, hit it again in the mid-20s and partially reset.
Hitting the wall again right now, but I’m taking it much slower this time and clear/reduce my apprentice and guru items before moving on.
Can’t wait to finally move past level 35 haha

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Sounds like you’re a fighter! I can admire that in a cat! :star_struck:

I haven’t hit a wall yet, but I do feel like things will change when I get to my first burns coming up in a week or so. It’s going to be interesting to see how long I can keep up my pace. (not that anything bad would happen if I did slow down). I’ll take things as they come; hit the breaks if that’s what needs to be done, or keep my foot on the pedal if that works out.

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Burns. :dizzy_face: It’s so impressive when people make it to the 20s without burns yet. I have 578 burns done and I’m only level 18.

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And I think it’s impressive that you managed to burn all those items; shows you’ve really learned stuff! ^>^

I hit the wall here in Level 27. It has taken me a while to play catch up, and I am still not there yet.

The reasons?

  • Job starting up more full time after a coronavirus slow-down
  • A growing sense in the mid-20s of wanting to focus more on grammar & other vocabulary
  • Computer issues and needing to get new computer (finally picked one up after weeks of searching)
  • Planning to get married
  • Taking driving tests in Japan/changing course and deciding to get a moped
  • Etc.
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