What level did you hit the wall?

What level did you find that you hit the WK wall - the feeling of being overwhelmed, getting terrible review scores or just literally nothing seeming to sink in? For me, luckily that hasn’t actually happened yet, but i’m sure it will at some point. Just curious to hear your stories and how you overcame/succumbed to hitting the dreaded WK wall of shame. (Does the Crabigator reward the persistent and punish the weak?)


ah, this is why i’ve been punished so horribly
i think around level 15 i went from about 8 days a level to 25 days… got over it eventually but it was kinda like
this can happen multiple times (me) or maybe there are some legends out there with the beautiful consistent level duration graphs but as long as you keep going then :fist:t4:


haha I feel your pain!

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I’ve never hit the wall.
I eat grass.
I always miss @MissMisc


I’m half joking about the English part.


I went from leveling up in about 8 days to 14 days around level 25. So probably somewhere around level 20 I hit the wall and I just took a little while to react to it. I hit another wall somewhere in the 50s where I was seeing diminishing benefits of using WaniKani and I just wanted to be done.


thanks for the insight, just checking those levels, I am quite familiar with level 20 kanji but definitely wouldnt know all the kun and on readings, whereas level 50 stuff is like 50/50 never seen kanji before so I am sure a slow progress is in store for me (if I ever get to those dizzy heights). I guess my main curiosity is that even though I came into WK with a good deal of knowledge, its exposing the gaps in my kanji/vocab knowledge and that anyone without prior knowledge of the language I am really surprised that they keep up with the fast level-ups, they must be super dedicated or have super-human brains to absorb all that knowledge so quickly.


TheMusicalNinja are we brothers??? I literally hit 15 and just felt the tsunami building behind me finally smash into me! I slowed way down for 2 weeks and out of nowhere yesterday I got a burst of inspiration and I’m back at it! I also feel like I broke through into another level as far as my overall Japanese knowledge is concerned… so that feeling was nice.


I … I have a brother and I never knew ;A;


It does sound like you know quite a bit already if you recognize about half the level 50 kanji. Rest assured that others have also come in with a lot of knowledge and benefited from using WaniKani. For example: [Review] Making it to level 60 as an advanced Japanese learner

I’ve also been impressed by the many people who finish WaniKani in little over a year (I took about two and a half years). But many of those people spend so much time on WaniKani that they learn little to no grammar and don’t practice reading at all during that period. Of course, that isn’t the case for everyone that went fast, and others say focusing exclusively on kanji first worked well for them anyway. Regardless, it’s still impressive and I know I would never have been able to do it that fast.


definitely, thanks for the link i’ll check it out… Yeah impressive and if it helps their overall reading etc then its all good learning. I think 2.5 years to get to lvl 60 is a solid and steady work-rate considering Japanese kids do it over their entire schooling/adult lives!!


My wall started at level 16 and is ongoing, was going around 8 days a level, now struggling to level in 15 days. For some reason I fail stupid stuff over and over again. This accumulates a lot of reviews from old levels and doesn’t help with learning those new kanjis that pop up.


Level 15 and 23. Hit the stump so hard at 23 I had to go all the way back to 15 through a reset. I’m glad I got Lifetime!


ouch, seems like you’re back on track though

Kind of am! The only thing that guarantees you don’t advance is stopping, so if you do hit a wall, take it slow, regroup and try until you get it!


I’ve hit a bit of a wall right now with me creeping up on lvl 3, since I’m feeling a bit frazzled with remembering things.


Wall? What wall…


Got to level 17 and the smack in the wall was a reality. But this has been my annos terrible so I was kind of prepared. It actually felt good to reset to zero and start again. I know I made the right choice for me and my sanity. I wish I could do this in other aspects of life as well, that would have been nice…


Just overwhelmed and short on time, level 29. :stuck_out_tongue:


I only use wanikani here and there, but I got stuck at level 10. Not using it regularly caused me to be stuck with a perpetual 300+ list, of which I would only complete half. On top of that, many level 8-10 lessons would go up to master and then fall back down, so it was more like 600+ that I wasn’t visiting enough to learn them, and they would cycle out (hidden deeper in the stack or temporarily guru/master) creating a never ending problem.

I thought I just needed to “keep at it and power through them” but that strategy doesn’t work if it is done once a week. Wasted 6 months at that level which is how long it took me to get to it, it really is a wall. Didn’t know until recently I could reset.