What is your WaniKani subscription?


What is your WaniKani subscription?

  • Monthly
  • Yearly
  • Life time membership

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Protip: if you’re on PC and hover over a user’s level next to their display picture, it tells you what subscription they’re on.
Grey is free, purple is lifetime and gold is paid, I think. gold is 60 and blue is paid monthly/annually (not lifetime). (thanks @windupbird for correction!)


I was wondering what the colours meant. Thank you for telling me. :blush::blush:


Actually, grey is free, purple is lifetime, blue is paid, and gold is people who are level 60. ^^ But “paid” doesn’t distinguish between monthly and yearly.


Side question: is the lifetime prorated at all if you pay a lot on monthly or yearly? I’d imagine not, but figured I’d ask.


I just did a little investigation and it looks like they do prorate if you switch to lifetime from a yearly subscription that still has time left on it. Not sure about monthly.


It is. Whatever you haven’t used on your current subscription is prorated from lifetime. If you buy yearly at $100, and then decide the next day that lifetime is better, it’ll just be $200 instead of $300. Or just a bit less than $100 off, I’m not sure.

It’s the same for monthly, but obviously the amount will be small.


Cool, thanks Leebo :slight_smile:


im yearly blue badge at first~ but in near xmas last year an unknown benefactor secretly convert my badge into purple~ and still doesnt know who is s/he~

but at least i got some clue in recent post im lurking in~♪

so probably for another blue badger there’s another lucky chance this year ~♪


Where is the free option on the poll? :slight_smile:


You mean where is the “I get paid” option?


Oh and WaniKani 4 lyfe


Monthly, don’t think will stick here for too long. Probably will quit on levels 40-50 if will get there at all.


I’ve been on monthly for two years. I wanted to upgrade to lifetime, but I never had enough funds on hand.


Lifetime, got it on sale and I know once I hit level 60, I’ll forgot the majority of everything so I’ll loop back around a couple times until these 3 hour reviews take 10-15 minutes tops


I have long suspected that… but been embarrassed to ask…


Holy shit that’s awesome… damn you WK people are nice. By the way @viet, where’s my invite to the EtoEto alpha? It would be awesome if you gave it to your loyal lifers… :wink:


But you’ll stay on the forums, right? :innocent:


What clue did you find? I am curious!

Does it has to something to do with the pink banner clan?


*Lifetime --> well, once I complete finish all the easy stuff. Gunna get the most outta the free stuff first - then when it’s time to move up, unleash the hounds! Huzzah! :crabigator: