What is your longest streak?

I think I got the meaning down…but gosh darn it, I keep messing up the reading (see image below). I have a few words like this. Maybe writing this post will help it stick.

有罪 - Guilty. ゆう = You, ざい = Zai, Sai from Naruto playing the xylophone looking guilty. Anyone got a better mnemonic?

有 does have another, rarer onyomi, but it’s almost always ゆう and ざい is the only onyomi for 罪, so what is it that you’re usually answering instead?

I believe I’m mostly confusing 罪 with 非, injustice/criticism、which has on’yomi of ひ。So I type ゆうひ instead of ゆうざい。

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