What is the thinking here? kanji meanings

Not trying to start a flame, no app or teaching method is perfect. I believe WK made this the best they could.

What is the argument for this kind of thing? I’ve been adding them. What does everyone else do?

I tried ‘profit’ after, same thing. I then did ‘gain’ and it was accepted. I then added benefit and profit as synonyms.

This is interesting because why wouldn’t the word meaning be acceptable? The app is telling me it knows of the relationship.


This is intentional to separate kanji meanings from vocabulary meanings.


So you mean I didn’t put the kanji meaning in?


found that wk is a bit of a mess when it comes to this…but necessarily adding all the synonyms might be bad also…as I got higher in WK (before leaving to kitsun after this most recent script breaking debacle and now the kana vocab…which has been such a blessing!!! yeah for KITSUN.IO)

anyway, recommend taking a look at the kanji and then look at the words it’s used in… from jotoba

then decide which synonyms you want to add for yourself…found a few kanji where it makes sense and also have found some that didn’t…when you run into vocab with this issue do a sentence search and see what makes sense…the more general meaning may or may not quite be what you thought…

then add appropriate synonyms in eng or whatever your native languge is when you have the nuance of the term.


Did you search that in KITSUN.IO? That’s a beautiful search result. Thanks for sharing

that’s jotoba… kitsun.io is another SRS platform … I migrated my WK stuff there cuz got sick and tired of the mess that is wk … but that’s a thread derailing topic so moving on…

thanks to @seanblue found jotoba.de and it’s awesome…prefer it to jisho.org.


That’s the jisho.org kanji meaning, not the WaniKani one, tho.

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A single keyword for the kanji meaning (or maybe a double meaning in some instances) is beneficial for association of kanji with keyword while learning the kanji initially.

This philosophy comes from Heisig’s “Remembering the Kanji”, which also uses the same system, and I think WK adopted that.

All users have the possibility to add additional meanings through the “user synonyms” function, as you know, so if someone wants to add all the jisho meanings of the kanji there, they are free to do that.

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