What is the best way to learn vocab?

I was using this one list but then the site stoped working to I’m back at ground zero :confused:
What are the best list(with sets and not just like all the words at once) or websites for vocab?

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There are a few options for the 10k core vocab lists. Some free ones are Anki and Torii. I use Kitsun.io personally but it costs monthy around $6


Created by a Wanikani level 60 user. It’s a paid to use product (with 14 days of free trial), but it’s user-friendly and it’s constantly getting better.


You’ve become the unofficial spokesperson for Kitsun, huh? :joy:
Which is fine, because Kitsun is really good!


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What I mean is something like a big list which simply has all the vocab not an srs programm since I already use anki :eye: :lips: :eye:

Something like this?


Is TOP 1 user on Kitsun
Makes the whole world use it
Profit ???


You need a ‘Chief Kitsun Evangelist’ title. :rofl:


I tried Kitsun and did not see the appeal at all.

My favorite vocab app is iKnow.jp. Yes, you can get the basic Core 6k content for free, but the paid app has more variety of question types than would not be practical to program yourself in Anki, and also has custom sets you can use that are grouped by WK level. And it’s just pleasant to use, unlike Anki or Kitsun. I no longer do vocab in WK since I found those sets in iKnow.

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Well in that case, why not use the shared Core decks on Anki? There is one sorted by WK level.

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ahhh thank youu

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