What is the best way to learn grammar together with wanikani?

It also has a pc version, but iirc the licenses are separate so no platform hopping. What I remember of it was down-to-earth explanations of somewhat bite-sized topics. For example, HJ1 has 44 chapters with the topics being along the lines of “41. Wanting to Do with -Tai” or “32. Counting Objects”.

It’s very reader friendly in that the examples are full voiced, have vocab breakdowns, and there are built-in translations. Alongside of grammar are a lot of inserts on various cultural topics such bathing… Ok, maybe not the best example. I found it to be a fantastic supplement to read on the commute, but end of chapter quizzes were more annoying than meaningful and people who love exercise material will not be satisfied. Finally, I think this is something that doesn’t matter too much, but the first app was kana only with romaji in the text which might be a dealbreaker for some people.

Human Japanese 1 Screenshot

There’s a part of me that loves HJ, but it’s also a just different enough that I think people should try it for themselves. The people who love it love it. At like $10 for each app and a free lite version to try there really isn’t much to lose compared to most other grammar offerings.