What is the best translation of this sentence?

I’m reading Tadoku graded readers and adding some of the sentences to Anki. One story has the following sentences:
I figured the second part was something like “Together with my dog Kotaro.” Google says it’s “My dog Kotaro is with me.”

How would you translate it?


Both translations work, no?

Opinion incoming:
I would not spend much time on finding a perfect translation. If you understand the essence of the sentence that’s quit enough. The aim should be to go from Japanese to understanding without needing English as an intermediate step.

So if you don’t want to work as a professional translator I would encourage to pick the one you find more appealing and move on. And even if you want to do professional translations I think learning most of the language first and THEN moving into the finer translation details is probably most efficient.


I agree completely! As long as I can understand the general meaning, that’s good enough. Japanese is so much easier without English translations. That’s why reading is one of my favorite ways to study.

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In this case I think Google is closer, because the Japanese is a complete sentence, whereas your translation is a sentence fragment. I might throw in a “too” given the も. But I agree overall with @downtimes that it’s more important to understand what all the parts of the sentence are doing than to make translations into English.