What is a Narwhal?

Fun fact: Some narwhals are named Leelu. Whether or not they happen to possess a Multipass is open for debate, though.


I was just wondering if the back of the airplane would reduce the amount of power the propeller generates even by a little bit?

Narwhals are figments of @Koichi’s imagination.

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New England? No wonder you’re so salty. (I also am originally from New England, or “The NE”, as nobody calls it).

I am currently of this “The NE” and will see what I can do to make this a thing.

disclaimer - I am not going to even try. I’m sorry for lying to you.

You are correct in that Narwhals are an Arctic Ocean thing, but they do get mentioned in National Geographic on occasion, so it’s unusual for them to be entirely unknown. And my guess, without Googling, for what a Quoll is, is some kind of marsupial rabbit or rodent.

Sigh… The NE makes liars of us all.

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A hick is kind of a mean word for a person from the countryside who doesn’t understand cities and doesn’t pay attention to world events and stuff like that. See also, “hayseed”, “(country) bumpkin”, “redneck”, etc.

Wow. If it is your kids ABC book then i concede. A Narwhal is definitely a commonly known animal that has just slipped through my 40 years of learning. Learn something new everyday on WaniKani.


Native English speaker whose never heard of a narwhal prior to WK. You make it sound like English speakers mention this animal in conversation regularly or that they’re major pop icons or something.

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Hmm? Neither of those are a prerequisite for a word being commonly known. People know what anteaters and lemurs and emperor penguins are even though they don’t tend to live in English speaking countries or come up in conversation. I can acknowledge that I’m slightly more interested in science than the average person, but I don’t feel like that’s the reason for knowing a general animal noun in this case.

Me too. I thought it was gnarl XD

I’d think it’d certainly be a prerequisite for you to make such a preposterous conclusion.

Your idea of how a word becomes commonly known is strange to me then. Sure, if a word comes up a lot, everyone will know it, but it need not come up a lot for that to be the case. Plenty of words that hardly ever appear in conversation are known by essentially every native adult.

I can give you that. It still doesn’t explain why you’d think every native English speaker would know what a narwhal is.

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For every word there will be some people who don’t know it, so it doesn’t really prove anything for there to be people who don’t, but it’s just my impression that it’s not that obscure of a thing, even ignoring the current cultural status.

I was going to be really disappointed if this wasn’t posted yet :kissing_heart:

Oh my god I didn’t even see this

wait wat

who was like, you know what we should check!The amount of vitamin c in this sea unicorns skin

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