What is a good percentage average?

Not going to lie, I love drinking, and doing WaniKani when hungover is much more difficult than usual and my correct percentage gets slashed in half almost. I was just wondering what a good average percent to get correct is. Mine is about 88% when sober.


I like to keep my average above 90%, because I get annoyed if I miss too much, but 80% is also just fine, it increases as you progress on your level and then falls back down

You doing reviews while drunk is like me doing reviews without the double-check script.


A good average is the one that you benefit from the most/the one that makes you learn things. My point is - don’t force yourself to reach some specific number, because it becomes very tempting to cheat during the reviews, and obviously the result of it is slower learning pace. Sometimes it’s better to make mistakes all over again.
I’d rather aim for gradually improving your stats whatever they are.
If that answer doesn’t satisfy you, then for comparison, my average is sth about 91%, maybe a little bit more. Personally I think that 88% is a good average!
I admit that I too tend to do reviews when I’m drunk. Not the smartest idea :sweat_smile: wanna improve your stats, stay sober!


Keeping the accuracy above 90% makes it possible to process more Apprentice level items and push them to Guru and Master faster. Mine’s at 85% right now, which is just shy of keeping a more dynamic pace.

Overall, I wouldn’t about the accuracy too much as long as it’s above 80%. Below, reviews will keep bouncing back and the Lessons pile never dropping to zero :frowning: .


I almost always do my reviews with my morning coffee. I’ll admit to occasionally doing them in the evening with a tipple, as well as hungover on one or two miserable but memorable mornings.

The score:

  • Morning coffee: 85% to 92% accuracy typically, with serious attempts at recall. Review queue to 0. Five to twenty lessons.
  • Evening snort: 78% to 88% accuracy typically (and lots of “ke” responses when I can’t recall an item immediately). Review queue to 0. Don’t even think about any lessons.
  • Hangover. I DID ENOUGH REVIEWS TO CONTINUE MY STREAK. Now go away and let me suffer in peace.

Wkstats says my overall accuracy is currently around 90%.

By the way: I’ve determined that the best gauge of difficulty for me is the simple running percentage on each review page (next to the thumbs-up icon). If that falls much below 85% I start getting frustrated and demotivated.

The thumbs-up number is just the running percentage of correct answers during the session. It ignores whether a question is part of a reading/meaning pair, or if it’s a repeated question that you’d missed previously in the session.

The review session and wkstats measure the number of items answered correctly the first time. That is, you must answer both the reading and the meaning of an item correctly without any misses during the session for it to count as a correct answer.

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I think you should not worry about your accuracy too much. If you learn something new it is normal to make mistakes, but if you start feeling bad about it the temptation is high to use override scripts. And in my opinion it is cheating and does not benefit your goal of learning (if that is your goal, some people just want to finish as fast as possible). And I also don’t believe in the leeches theory. If things are coming back again and again than this only shows you have to spend more time on them I think…

Doing reviews drunk? That’s totally ok, everyone has a life besides WaniKani, some are tired, some are stressed and some are drunk. Better than to cheat, but it’s a personal preference.
Anyway chances are that you have to use Japanese when you are drunk so that’s a good training!


I completely agree.

It’s your perceived level of difficulty that matters: too high and you become demotivated at a minimum. Too easy is less important, but indicates you could likely take on more new lessons.

I just noticed that my accuracy during a review session correlates closely to my perceived level of difficulty: much below 85% is frustrating and I start to dread future reviews. Above 92% or so feels very easy.

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80% is still high I think, no need to worry.