What is a club room? 部室?

I’m a native English speaker (American) but don’t know that this means. It is not in the dictionary and if I google it, I get some hotels talking about clubrooms. Certainly the example sentence" I forgot something in the clubroom." doesn’t help.

When/how would you use this word?

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The photography club members gathered in the the photography club room to discuss photographs.


Clubs are an important part of school in Japan; the clubs have rooms (at school) in which they can gather and do activities and whatever.


I’m American as well - a clubroom is kind of like those rooms you are seeing in Google. But I take it more as private “members only” clubs. Like something old men or mafia ppl would just hang out at all day and chat. I associate it with more of a 1950s or 60s era.

I don’t think they have many club rooms nowadays, at least in the US. I’ve seen a bunch of stuff in New York that I could describe as club rooms, but New York is a weird city.

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It is an evil plot to trick you into giving the wrong answer for 部屋.


I grew up in San Diego, so maybe it is more of an East coast term.

Talking about Japanese schools would be the most obvious situation…


omg I will never hear that song the same again


Yeah, this isn’t complicated. Japanese schools have clubs. Those clubs have to meet in designated rooms. A club’s room is its club room.

You think you’ve got it? Oh, you think you’ve got it?


But also, @brynner @rvaca2 your schools do have clubs that meet in highschool still. A band for instance meets in a music room. That could be considered a “club room” in this context. A history club meeting in the history teacher’s room after school could also be considered a club room.
However, in Japan, they have dedicated (and often multi-purpose) rooms for these functions, for any and every extra-curricular club. Those are club rooms. (If you watch any highschool anime, you will encounter them.) That aside, my University (in Canada) also had club rooms, although they were shared (and more like brynner’s example) where we had to book the space for our club in order to use it at the designated time(s).

Hope that helps!

(That’s actually how I’ve always remembered the reading…XD)

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This. This.




Never getting THAT one wrong again.

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Re: Club Room
Does anybody who is living in Japan encounter this with any regularity? I’m thinking about just adding ‘room’ as a synonym and not worrying about this distinction and/or having it become an unnecessarily annoying leech…

Also: I think about Outkast for the other ‘room’ and have since I saw that reading…

Anyone who interacts with junior high schools or above will also be aware of clubrooms regularly.


Ok~ good to know.

For me learning it, it may make more sense to just be aware of that distinction… and then learn to differentiate it in the vocabulary more through context than through this site… but that is helpful to know.

Try to read or watch Mob Psycho 100 for an example of when this word is used.