What I’ve learned in reaching the doorstep of “Painful”

I wanted to share what I’ve learned during the “Easy” stages and being about to enter Level 11.

Go at your own pace. True, life is short, but Wanikani isn’t a race. Finishing one year from now or two years from now doesn’t really matter in the big picture and might make things much more pleasant for you.


At this moment I have 80 items on apprentice, never turned on vacation mode and I also have a lot of items returning to apprentice. At this moment I have 77 lessons to go. But I am trying to get below 20 apprentice before continueing. I also have more leeches than I would like.

My average level up time is 15 days. This one will be longer. So I actually do understand.

Congratulations, Kimo!

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My theory would be more that between levels 11-20 is where it really hits you if you’re not doing anything to reinforce kanji outside of Wanikani, like reading or writing. But that’s just what makes sense to me.

Ah, a fellow new level 10! I just got here yesterday myself. I think the ‘painful’ and higher levels have to do with the fact that kanji are now appearing as radicals in other kanji that often don’t have all that much to do with the meaning of the kanji by itself. Basically, the kanji are just going to keep getting more complex. Other than that, it should be the same-old same-old though!

Keep inmind you’ll get a 12ish% boost in reviews when you starting getting burn items, but otherwise, overall good advice!

Also, congratulations!


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