Now entering: the Painful Levels

I wouldn’t say I’m super slow, but 11 certainly does feel slower than 10. But maybe I’m just making more progress than I think? So many kanji in Apprentice I that just move so slowly out of it. Hopefully all this repetition will hammer them home.

A lot of the feeling of slowness comes from the fact that you’re getting built up levels of repeating reviews, etc. as you go through. It’ll feel tougher for a while, but level out somewhat eventually and you’ll hopefully find yourself in a comfortable routine.

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It will get more/slower until you start burning items.


I feel your pain! I’m level 14 and due to rushing so quickly through lower levels (I was trying to cram ahead of my first trip to Japan in April), now I’m hitting the wall of Enlightened and Burn items and the reviews drag on. I know it’s for my own good, though, so I properly memorize them. :smiley:

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I feel like I’ll be in constant experimentation mode with balance until I run out of lessons to add. 100 in Apprentice seems like a happy place but at the same time, I tend to find adding vocabulary that matches the kanji gets me unstuck. I know I’ll pay for it later if I let myself go over that 100 on purpose (though sometimes things regress from Guru, and I can deal with those consequences)