What happens after a week vacation

Vacation mode is helpful but discipline and accuracy go down. I took one week off (guess when), see how many days it took to bring things back to normal…


Yup, usually stopping lessons a few days before going on vacation (in order to reduce load of reviews) and keeping up with reviews during that period is always my suggestion.

It’s good that you’re back on track though. Congratz :heart:


Oh, I hear you!

I go to Japan twice a year and every time I’m 1.) super motivated before that and 2.) the JLPT is far away so I rush through the levels as fast as I can. Then of course I can’t keep up with the workload while I’m there, put WaniKani in vacation mode (but not before getting up to around 500+ reviews) and then I keep it in vacation mode even longer because I want to prepare for the JLPT a little bit and when I finally come back it feels like I have forgotten everything. I’ll probably never learn to not do this even though I should really know better by now :woman_shrugging:

4 trips to Japan, one smaller break from when I was super busy at work – all worth it.

But all that counts is that you are back! We’ll get to level 60 eventually, even if it takes “a couple of days” longer than we’d like to.


how do we get these graphs?


Just in case you’re not familiar with API tokens, when you click the link above, there will be a link that will redirect you to the WaniKani settings page. Click on “API Tokens” and then copy the red token, and paste it into the link above. Then, after a few seconds of loading, you should be able to see those graphs. Hope this helped.


Japan twice a year? I’m envious. Do you go there for work? I am going in June for a week (Tokyo/Kyoto/Hiroshima).


Me too! @irrelephant, you’re so lucky. :slight_smile:


What happened at Level 24?

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Very nice, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it! :slight_smile: It must be nice studying Japanese before your first (?) trip. It took me a few years until I finally realized that I finally wanted to start learning it. I bet you are quite excited already about the trip?

I work remotely and keep working while I’m there from around 4pm to 1am which is slightly stressful but manageable. I also don’t take any other vacations anymore because I’m saving everything I have up for those Japan trips. So it is not all just rosy but @murasakiblue you’re right, I’m lucky being able to do this and I’m grateful for it.

I was in Japan in April/May and then I started preparing for the July JLPT immediately afterwards and apparently it took me months to get back into WK after that. I also had to reset back a few levels. I did not even realize at the time how long it took me to get back into things… it was only later thanks to wkstats and @Kumirei’s great heat map script that I realized how much time I lost there.

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That’s quite a lot to squeeze into one week. You’re effectively getting not much more than one full day in each city. Might I suggest you specialise a bit more, and maybe leave some things to later trips?

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Thanks for the suggestions but we are not planning to do anything in Tokyo, we already have paid ryokan reservations in Kyoto (2 nights) and Miyajima (3 nights). Tokyo is just our entry point, we spend the first and last night there. Leaving a toddler with grandparents places a limit on how much time we can be away. Last year, I had the chance to visit Tokyo for 3 nights and hope to visit it again next year.


Ooo, three nights on Miyajima, nice. On my first trip back in 2010, I stayed a single night on Miyajima (and one in Hiroshima), and I still kinda regret that. Staying one night is basically equivalent to staying zero days. We got the evening of arrival to briefly explore the town a bit (and visit the shrine), and the morning of departure to power walk to the top of Mount Misen (in ridiculous heat), and that was it.


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