Going on Vacation: What to do?

Hi! I have not really been into the community at all. I’m sorry for that! I am a bit shy!

I need some advice. I am going on vacation soon. I am excited and ready to go! Finally get to go to Japan and other countries. My vacation is 5 weeks. I was planning on using Vacation mode so that my reviews won’t be stacked and all that. I am worried though that I would forget everything after coming on after 5 weeks. I’m not sure what is the best thing to do.

I was honestly thinking of revewing everything after my vacation, or will I still remember? I wanted to try to see if I will do it during vacation, but I don’t think I will have time :confused:



There’s no problem with using vacation mode when you’re on vacation - that’s what it’s there for!

From personal experience, if you don’t think you will have time, use vacation mode. I went to Japan for the first time and decided to keep doing WaniKani without using vacation mode. I neglected my reviews after the first week, and the resulting 500 review pile by the end set me back by about a month or two, after the end of my trip.

It’s definitely easier to catch up again after being on vacation mode for a little while, so don’t stress too much about it! :blush:

I’ve been on a few holidays (overseas and getaways), I didn’t ever do vacation mode, I’d just do my reviews before I sleep and when I woke up.

From my experience, I spent more time enjoying my holiday and neglecting reviews. After my latest holiday, 2 weeks in Japan, my review stack accumulated to ~500 when I got home. (I’d try and do my lessons and some reviews each day though)

For me, I had a routine of doing WaniKani everyday, and I didn’t want to stop :slight_smile:

Probably a matter of how confident you are at starting up WaniKani after a long break.

A word of advice, I went for vacation at the end of November last year and put WaniKani in Vacay Mode. I knew there was no way I can be on top of my game so I decided I will start it up again once I get back from holidays around first week of January.

And then April comes and I am like, OH SHOOT! I forgot all about WaniKani!! So yeah, my Level 18 has been my longest level ever (about 148 days XD)… I deactivated Vacay Mode and had 900+ reviews waiting hahaha… (Finished it within 2 days, but I did miss some Kanjis I already Guru’ed T^T)

So bottom line of this story, definitely use Vacay Mode BUT!!! Do not forget to deactivate Vacay Mode and don’t slack!!! As soon as vacation is over, do not forget Wanikani is on pause!

Have fun on your vacay but remember that your reality is waiting. :smiley:

I just opened a thread about this topic the other day.

One thing to consider, the reviews that might be the hardest to remember after coming back will be the ones that you recently unlocked. Maybe consider not doing lessons for a bit before your vacation whether you turn on vacation mode or not. Perhaps you could also not do any lessons, but keep up with your reviews during your vacation, that way you won’t forget things, but you won’t constantly be adding things either. That way you won’t forget the things you’ve already learned and make it hard on yourself when you get back.

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A lot of sound advice has been given, but it really depends on how it works best for you. You can try keep doing wanikani reviews for the first few days of your vacation, and if it gets overwhelming, just turn on vacation mode. The good thing is that you can turn if off again a few days later, so maybe there’s a middle-way? Turn vacation mode on and off (within the restrictions of course) whenever it best fits into your vacation, and when you come home, be ready to go 100% again.

Thank you all for the great advice!! I am going to see if I can keep at it! If it get too much, I vacation mode it! I think my first two weeks in Vietnam and Hong Kong are light! So I can managed then, but the last three probably be rough!

Thanks :slight_smile:

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