One month in Japan - vacation mode

I recently returned from a one month trip to Japan. Again I had a fantastic time there. I was filming for a new project and I was very surprised how good WK worked for me! My reading ability has increased a lot and it was really helpful while being in remote areas. So for everyone who struggles with keeping up with WK: Hold on, it’s really worth to go through all these stressful reviews and finish all levels!


It may sound strange because I learned in fast mode so far, but I used vacation mode while being in Japan. I wanted to enjoy my time and avoid being distracted from my work there. I wasn’t sure if I should use vacation mode but after returning home I must say it was a good decision. I continue my reviews now and there is no problem at all with recalling the previously learned kanji. It’s quite the opposite: the break was good for my brain. Now it’s much easier to learn new words or kanji. So I really can recommend to use vacation mode from this experience. I know there are controversial opinions about this subject but I’d like to encourage people to take a break if someone is about to experience a burnout or is just overwhelmed by the amount of reviews or feels tired to keep up learning every day.

Best wishes!


You were still practicing in a way since you were in a Japanese environment…so it’s not REALLY a vacation. That probably helped you not forget while you were enjoying your time there too!

That’s right. Actually I was practicing everyday by reading anything from traffic signs, menus or news. An awesome experience. Japan is so great!

Did you take a break from doing lessons as you got close to your trip?

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Breaks are definitely good. After some experimentation I decided to skip reviews and lessons on Saturdays, and my performance is markedly better than when I wasn’t skipping Saturdays.


No. I just started vacation mode right before the flight to Japan. I must admit it felt like having escaped from prison…:wink:

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That sounds like a good idea! I will try that! I’m close to these 3 day levels. But I’m not sure if I will really do them so fast. So maybe it’s a good idea to have at least one day a week without reviews regularly.

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