What exactly is a 住所? Clarification please?

So, I am working on level 8 and just got the word 住所. Lucky for me, this did ring a faint bell in the back of my head, so I think I will not have too much trouble remembering it. After all, “address” is something that comes up a lot in paperwork, etc.

And “address” is the only WK definition provided. So naturally the very first time I had to enter this, I typed “residence”. That’s my silly brain. But then I started thinking my brain really does want to equate “residence” and “address”.

So, I’m thinking of adding in “residence” as an additional translation for 住所.
Google Translate, bless its heart always, says residence can translate to 住所.

But I’m wondering from the experts out there, would I be better off to try to stick “address” in my head as the proper translation for 住所? Or even “street address” as Google so helpfully translates? Is 住所 really more specific to the address itself, the numbers and street name or 丁目 rather than the physical location or building itself? The kanji don’t imply that to me.

So … add “residence” meaning?
Or … really just learn “address” meaning?

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Regardless of definitions or translations, yes, almost every time you encounter that word it’s going to be in the context of identifying the location of a building, not used to discuss the place itself.

Google images is often helpful, and when you google image search it you get mostly images of forms.


I believe it refers to the “official” address you put, like during filling up of forms.


When people ask your 住所 they want you to tell them your address, like the address on a letter.


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