What does your Reviews Timeline look like / How many reviews do you have?

Firefox on Android (no idea if it’s available for iOS) with Violentmonkey. Most scripts work after that.

I am frustrated. I am making no progress on level 5 and getting what feels like about 30 reviews a day of the words I need review on (although the actual count of reviews I get is about 70, but at least half are easy) and it is NOT NEARLY enough reviews. I have 100 items stuck in apprentice, and seeing them once every three days, getting them wrong since I haven’t seen them in forever is pretty frustrating. I wish I could see every apprentice item at least once a day. I’ve resorted trying to reviews using other apps so when I actually see them in Wanikani I can get them right. I’ve synched KaniWani to at least get some more touches on these same words. Cheating is also very attractive at this stage. How do you all get so many nice reviews to do each day? Whenever I have 10 minutes free in the work day, usually there are no reviews waiting for me. I haven’t found myself able to motivate to just do the 100 of clicks back into the original learning material to study the words. Do I have to suck it up and just do that (unstructured study)? Do you have any other advice?

Are you using the mnemonics? If you’re having trouble remembering things it might help to refamiliarise yourself with them

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Yeah, you have to suck it up and just get through the first ten levels. Then, approximately 130 to 170 reviews await you each day. Have fun then :slight_smile:

Otherwise, the SRS system is build so that it tests you on long(er)-term retention of the Kanjis. I don’t know if cheating the system by reviewing them each day will help you in the long-run. It is certainly not sustainable once you hit level 10+. You would drown in reviews.

There is a script called self-study quiz where you can study, e.g., leeches (the one’s you get wrong a long), or the items you just learned. See here: [Userscript] Self-Study Quiz For leeches, you need to install the extra filter. If you have never worked with scripts, it will be useful to explore the many scripts that have been developed and learn how to work with them. They are really useful. See here for a good list: My Journey of 368 days (+ The Ultimate Guide for WK 📖 )

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thank you! very helpful

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