What does your Christmas study schedule look like/Christmas goals?

So lots of people are gonna have time off from work and other commitments over Christmas. I myself will have a whole week to myself! And we know what that means! Lots of time to spend with fam… I mean, worship the SnowCrabiGator, ah, just as Koichi intended!

So what does your schedule of Japanesemas look like? Do you have any goals set over the next few weeks?

My current goals are as follows;

  1. Continue building and maintaining my WK schedule thanks to this awesome guide I very recently discovered! Here
  2. Watch the first 60 videos of Japanese From Zero’s lessons on youtube at 2x speed I haven’t reviewed or learned any new grammar for at least 2 months, so I’m gonna use this as a refresher of what I’ve already covered
  3. Continue restructuring my Anki decks a big undertaking, but I got such bad burnout three months ago, it needs to be done!
  4. Start reading Yotsubato, using the Yotsubato reading pack found here http://livingjapanese.com/pages/yotsubato_reading_pack1.html

& Strech goals

  1. Try using news in slow Japanese, here to see if I like it and practice some listening.
  2. Maybe book a lesson on iTalki for the new year to practice some speech and build up my confidence to not annoy my family by having skype lessons


Also, have a poll!

  • I have BIG goals set!
  • I have some goals set
  • I have no goals set
  • I will be worshipping the SnowCrabiGator!
  • I have work this Christmas :frowning:

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Starting this evening I have two weeks off from work, and as of last Tuesday I have three weeks off from Japanese class (once a week class, but I will go to a different level class tomorrow, and the 3rd of January, because how can I survive without Japanese class). I am not going anywhere, but I do have some family/friends celebrations scheduled.

I have the みんなの日本語中級 books ordered, but I still have a couple of chapters to go in 初級2, so I will try to work through that one over the next couple of weeks. But more importantly, I have to practice vocabulary, so I will try to get a routine going next to WaniKani.

I have kind of put WK on a low burner, i have paused new level lessons. I will try to do maybe 8 randomized lessons a day after Christmas. But I know I have trouble not doing more lessons once I start, haha


I did consider starting going to classes. But at £200 for this 12 week course at my local university just to learn hiragana and how to conjugate Desu, which I learned myself for only a £20 textbook, I have to wonder if it’s worth it even for the social aspect?!

Glad to see you have some goals though, and plenty of time off to boot! Vocab is always important. which is why I’m hoping I can finish restructuring my decks by Mid January, as I have over 8 months of cards to work through :slight_smile: and WK will always wait for you, I took a month to do lvl 12 XD

I have two weeks “off” from university - “off” means I still have some really time-consuming homework due early January, so I can’t really relax that much. I also have to catch up on actual homework and get my apartment back into an acceptable state. Then there’s a big pre-Christmas dinner (and New Year’s Eve) with friends, Christmas itself with family, and a pen&paper roleplaying session right after the holidays. And, most importantly, finally time to spend with my SO who got a week off for Christmas for the first time in years. I also want to read at least one book that’s not related to my studies, and one that I promised one of my profs to read. Then, I have to make some doctor’s appointments, and two more are already due soon. Finally, exam season starts mid-January, so I really need to make that my priority.

So I’m trying not to make any super ambitious plans for Japanese. I want to turn daily reviews into a routine, but other than that, I want (and need) to take level 3 really slow. December is expensive anyway, so it would be nice if the level could “last” until I can afford a subscription!


What I plan to do on Christmas:
Clear Reviews
Learn 2 wave of kanji (They come up around Christmas)
Learn Wanikani Vocab
Learn German
Do Japanese listening practice
Go through the first Genki book (I’ve had it for a while and would like to go through it for the listening practice)

And of course spend time with my family :smiley:

Good luck with your goals! :heart:


お前も!:blush: Especially with clearing your reviews, I’m impressed you’re learning German too! I think my brain would fry if I attempted a second foreign language right now xD

I really want to learn Welsh (my country’s native language) but I’m not sure there’s as much support out there online as it’s so obscure! Number of speakers vary between 110,000 to 200,000 speakers in a country with a population of 3.1 million depending on the source

Maybe learning Japanese will give me some tools to help there, but it’s definitely on the bucket list at least!


Thank you! :blush:
Clearing my reviews will probably be the easy part :joy: I’ve got 0 at the moment. I just wake up with about 200 every morning (Not just on Wanikani though I use other SRS websites as well)

Welsh seems like a really interesting language!
Hopefully you’ll be able to find some good studying materials for it when you start learning!


Yeah, for those returns I wouldn’t have done it. I go to a private language school, where the teacher teaches Japanese 6 times a week at various levels. I started November 2017 with barely any knowledge, joining a class at chapter 3 of minna.

I had a lot of time, so I was able to work ahead and join the class that was already at chapter 18 after working up to 14 on my own. After that I was again able to work on my own and catch up to a class that was working through chapter 38 at that time.

That’s where I am now, with an eye on the highest level class (which has an N1 as a student as well). They are currently early into the second chuukyuu book, so I am about 23 chapters behind them.

So for now I will go to both classes, held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. It is a trainride away, but at 3 hours a night, well worth the trouble and euro’s (especially since I pay per 12 week season, but I can go how often I want during that period). Also a lot of outside of classtime support by the teacher and senpai.


Like, all of it? :wink:


I said I have work… by which I mean the difficult task of consuming my body weight in cheese, nuts and ham. And roast potatoes. And stuffing.

I guess I’ll also try to remember to do my reviews, but the levels of ginger wine I anticipate will be swilling around my bloodstream mean I can’t make any guarantees regarding accuracy.


Jeez you act like it’s impossible to learn an entire language in one day or something.

Ok but seriously I just don’t have an exact goal or point I want to learn so I just want to learn something German :joy: Words, grammar, etc. Just something.


If you know a kanji while stuffed and drunk, you know you really know it.


I just watched a LangFocus video this morning explaining the differences between German and Dutch. That was fun. German is a challenging language, though! So many cases (edit, though not nearly as many as Hungarian)

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Sounds like a full body workout! Stomach, mind, liver… getting all the good important, underrated muscles in there :wink:


I know, right? I’m getting exhausted just thinking about it…

To answer the OP’s question a bit more seriously, I really am considering this a holiday in every way. I’ll be keeping up with my reviews, but doing limited / no lessons (I’m gonna be chilling out at level 40 for a while anyway).

Otherwise, I’ll just be keeping up with the two book clubs I’m participating in (Aria and 時をかける少女). Nowt else!

Unless catching up on some anime counts? :thinking:


My holiday schedule looks pretty busy, but here’s what I’ve got planned:

  1. Buy stocking stuffers for all my cute newborn apprentice radicals.
  2. Send New Year’s cards to all my guru’d vocab.
  3. Invite the next level’s Kanji over for Christmas dinner so we can get to know each other better.
  4. Skype calls with all my master and enlightened items so we can keep in touch.
  5. Put together some cookie care packages so all my grown-up burned items can start off 2019 knowing they are loved. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

That’s pretty adorable! You’re a very warm hearted and busy birdie?! Tell them all メリークリスマス from me! :blush:


I cleared out my lessons today and I won’t do any until after Wednesday. I know I won’t get to any reviews on Christmas day but hoping to do them at least once a day on the other days. Thursday will be back to normal and I should have a bunch of Kanji lessons ready for me by then.


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I have two weeks off, which I plan to use to the maximum ! I’m going to keep my usual WK schedule, which is 5 lessons per day + all reviews, and also keep up all my other SRS (in all about 25 lessons per day + reviews), but most of all I’m going to deep dive into grammar, finally!

I haven’t yet have time to truly study, so first I’m going over all the Bunpro points that I don’t fully understand even if I’m able to answer the review right. Spent 2h yesterday on the のだ form, and another one on i/na adjectives and adj. suffixes. I am so excited that I can finally spend time understanding the construction of the language on a level that will allow me to start making complex sentences! I want to at least get to a point where I can make a multiple clauses sentence without having to think about it for half an hour lol. みんな、頑張ろう!

Stretch goal: Move past page 1 of 時をかける少女 :slight_smile: