What does なんくるないさ~ actually mean?

Hey everyone, my brother asked me (“I’ve just started learning some Japanese” apparently translates, “I’m the Japanese language God incarnated”) what なんくるないさ means and looking around a bit (translated with Rikaichan and google search) I couldn’t tell if it’s kind of a proverb/canned phrase or if it’s just some common expression to say “don’t worry”.

Sorry if this is a shit question and thank you for your time ^-^

A quick search got me this なんくるないさーとは、琉球方言で「何とかなるさ」という意味である。
Basically it’s Ryukyu (part of Okinawa) dialect and means “[we’ll] manage somehow”, if I understand this correctly.

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I asked on HiNative website https://hinative.com/en-US/questions/2450544


Thank you so much!!

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