What does 「どう」mean?

I’ve been looking at an example for 分かる for a while now, and I can’t quite figure out what a word means. The example is 「おいしいかどうか分かりません」The translation is “I don’t know if this tastes good.” I understand the entire sentence except for どう. I looked on jisho but couldn’t find any definition that fits this context, anyone know?

かどうか is a specific grammar construction


Thank you! I don’t know why that didn’t show on the front page.

The Yomichan browser extension is pretty good at parsing these kinds of things. It automatically highlighted the whole phrase for me:

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Unfortunately in that case it doesn’t seem to have parsed it fully correctly. Ichi.moe, though, does a better job here:



That’s actually a different entry, where どうか is like 何か or 誰か.

As in どうかしてください (do something, no matter how)


Yomichan gets it as well, it just starts parsing from the character you tell it to, so sometimes you can miss the beginning of the phrase.

Screenshot from 2020-07-02 09-07-13


It’s also in bunpro:
with more links in the Readings tab, as always.

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