What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

Don’t know if this has been requested already, but a way to mark my answers as incorrect (could be used if I get the pitch accent wrong for example).

Double check has this feature

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Too good! Thanks

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Is there a script for sentences on vocab words during reviews that are not the original/weird sentences?

There is the anime context sentences script.

Thank you! And those can show up during the reviews?

random thought. for the reviews I get wrong and end up in the Recent Mistakes, is there a way (script maybe) to export for Anki studying? Thinking a quick export button might be helpful.

No, then I think I misunderstood. Those just add context sentences to the lesson page, which can be accessed during reviews after you get the answer wrong, but not before of course because it would give away the answer. I don’t know of any script that replaces the question word with a sentence if that is what you were looking for.

You could probably use the Item Inspector


I am using this one, but they are original sentences – [Userscript] Simple Show Context Sentence

Otherwise I might recommend [Userscript] WaniKani JJ External Definition from Weblio (JP) and Kanjipedia but it’s after Right/Wrong, just like Anime Context.

By default there is in Item Inspector a Failed Last Review table that displays items that have failed their last review in the last XX hours (customisable value, default is 24). @Dan-NS27 may try exporting that to Anki.

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I was just looking over it. Think that might work for some extra offline study. Thanks!

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Thank you! I have been using this one but not the biggest fan of the sentences. I’ll just continue with this one, thanks.

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Is there a userscript for tracking your statistics over time? i.e. I want to know what my accuracy was over the past X days for radicals, kanji, and vocab reviews.

Not exactly what you’re looking for I know, but in case you don’t find anything better my Summary Page script does have some accuracy history:

Unfortunately lots of the tools that showed accuracy over time etc. stopped working when WaniKani disabled the reviews API :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


In addition to Hubbit’s answer, Heatmap also can show you a little summary information when you click and drag on a range of tiles (see example image), but it is still not as robust as what you’re requesting.


Something could probably be made to work with the Review cache script that Heatmap uses, but do note that due to Wanikani indefinitely disabling the GetAllReviews API endpoint, no script or app can currently fetch reviews you’ve done in the past. They can only internally keep track of reviews you do going forward (like with Review Cache; extra note, if they do use Review Cache then be careful not to clear site data as this will delete the cache file from indexeddb)


That’s almost exactly what I’m looking for, and has even more features. I already had heatmap installed, but didn’t know about this feature. Thank you!

Newbie here, just L7.
Can you load more than 1 script?
I like the “Immersive” one with no English on it. I like those scripts that show A3 which I think the J-only script doesn’t include… there are no screen shots so I dunno.
Still, that’s not pro-active. I’d need to do Extra Study of items approaching “Master” cuz the 2 week & longer lag is just too long for me (63y.o. here). And the generic WK screen only allows Extra Study for those new Rad/Kanji/Vocab that are somewhere in the Apprentice range, right?

Is there a script that’s more generic so I can change what bugs me … like switching English to J’ese prompts. And some colour switches to prompt : Japanese now… English now cuz that simple black banner doesn’t cut it. Perhaps if the intro had said something about … uh it’s night-time in Japan now so … Just makes me feel a dope typing kana when it’s supposed to be letters. But I remind myself WK musta rushed the Requirements stage (how’s that for p.c. huh instead of saying crap systems design … ooh did I just … )
So … can I load more than 1 script? Is there one that’s more generic and allows self-customization. And how to round up those which are in say week 3 of a 1 month gap … and getting them into an Extra Study session. I know I know, subverting the SRS, shouldn’t hafta do it, should let it fail & go back a level or 2 to get more frequent reviews.
But what I’m doing now is just that but paper/screen based. I captured lists of Rads/Kanji/Vocab for L1-L10 and dropped them into Word files where I Control-6 'ed them to drop the hypertext, then manipulated the text into tables with some Word macros. I include what Kanji are linked to the Radical; Vocab to the Kanji; Phrases&Sentences to the Vocab. If there’s an ON/kun reading that comes up more often (or not at all) then I wanna know. What’s neat is that you can sort the Vocab by Kanji (who knew) cuz alphabetically has little value-added. So if I gotta learn, say 5 items with 活 lively KATSu and 2 have to do with Conjugation thing and others deal with Vigour & Privacy, then I can deal with them as a group, sigh, roll my eyes and try to story-up something about those KATS cuz that one really did have a good WK mnemonic.

My newest innovation: I have a file: J-WK-uh-oh, where if something’s not popping, more than 10seconds kinda thing, then I find it with a search in one of the 1-10 files and throw it into my uh-oh until I can find/make a mnemonic that pops instead of dribbles out. For example, for “Division” … Whack keru! The current WK explanation is a place-holder/filler, it does suck …shoot the messenger? I also use Ulrike’s mnemonics on JOYOKANJI. I understand there’s a collective of alternate mnemonics on ANKI but uff … sigh… another set of system parameters to get thru. (That’s why I bought a WK Lifer sub). Eventually the alternates are going to get into Wikipedia cuz the dictionary already has the words. … now that would be a project & a half.

I’ve also grabbed all the Common Word Combos & the Context Sentences & edited them to fit on hard-copy flip-cards.
. . . Now THAT … would be something worth having as interim Extra Study … the sentences & Word Combos; with & w/o furigana. (Perhaps it would somewhat diminish the sin of Subverting The SRS TimeLine if we were just getting in some reading practice.) I learned J 40 years ago, no kanji cuz it/I was s.l.o.w. but lots of vocab & phrases. After 5 years I became conversant in a couple of months cuz I started using flash cards. Anyway, I’m kinda skeptical of Master …Enlightened… gaps

So … you asked for requests. After these 1st 6 levels that’s what I hate, how I’ve supplemented, and how I feel I gotta tweak the SRS gaps to suit my needs, and what I’d like in an add-on/upgrade.
Calendar, aka Kanji Kiki

Yes you can. My WK dashboard has 22 scripts loaded. Some of them are used only in lesson or review pages but Tampermonkey somehow counts them among the dashboard scripts. LOL

With the new changes, there isn’t an actual page reload when navigating to the lessons or reviews, so userscripts need to be loaded even when entering the dashboard and then manually look out for the navigation