What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

This is an idea that I know at least me and these two people would appreciate if someone were able to make it. The idea is that tapping the Enter key with your pinky a lot can get pretty straining for some people, especially when you have to do it twice. There are scripts that eliminate double tapping (WaniKani Improve 2.2.2. and the Lightning Script) and some that eliminate tapping completely (like auto-commit), but the first two only get rid of the one tap, and the third gives you less control and makes it easier to cheat (even with the add-on, which I find confusing, involving percentage accuracy). Unfortunately, I personally can’t do anything to help with it because I know nothing about scripting. I wonder if just a single tap of the space bar would be better though? Since the idea is to eliminate repeated actions? If it was just one tap, it would also be nice if it was compatible with WaniKani Improve 2.2.2., but that might be pretty complicated, I wouldn’t know.

Anyways, just an idea if anyone has the ability, time, or interest to do it.

EDIT: Oh, I just realized that a single space wouldn’t work because sometimes in English a space is needed with certain words. Maybe you could work around this, but I’d imagine it would be difficult.